Best 5 Bar Street in Shenzhen for Foreigner

Shenzhen is a young and vibrant city. As an indispensable fashion and cultural icon of the city, bars are thriving in all parts of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen's urban architecture and human imagery speak of the city's beauty, character and vitality. Shenzhen bars, not only to meet those famous bars with independent personality, but also not to miss the "united" together bar street.

At present, the bar streets of OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) and Shekou Sea World have become the must-visit places for people in Shenzhen to enjoy a relaxing mood. OCT Bar Street gives people a feeling of youth and personality, most of the bar owners there are very young and new human beings, let people find the feeling of youth; Shekou Bar has the reputation of "Shenzhen Lan Kwai Fong", gathered friends and tourists from all over the world, you can't count as having played Shenzhen bars without coming here!

Now follow me to play around with the 5 hottest bars in Shenzhen!

1. OCT Bar Street - a place of youth and personality

OCT's Bar Street has become a must-visit place for Shenzhenites to enjoy an evening out. It's young, energetic, and the atmosphere of the bar is warm and quiet, and one finds a youthfulness in it.

For Shenzhen people, OCT is a very familiar place, because it is the most colorful place in the western part of Shenzhen, especially after OCT proposed the concept of "green ecology", it has gradually become an ideal community for Shenzhen people to work, live and relax in an elegant and stylish way.

Walk the tree-lined paths of the OCT; see the musical fountain in the square of the attraction. OCT has one of the most unique and popular "little beauty", she is so beautiful that you will be willing to stay with her all night. This is a street of bars located next to the OCT Ecological Plaza, Holy Land, 10 Downing Street, Shenzhen Story, Zulian, Apocalypse, Impression......

Each bar is irresistible and lasts forever.

Location: Nanshan District, OCT

2. Shekou Sea World Bar Street - Shenzhen's Lan Kwai Fong

Shekou Bar Street is the birthplace of Shenzhen's "bar culture", known as "Shenzhen's Lan Kwai Fong", and has always been loved by Hong Kong, Macau and foreign consumers. Exotic bars abound here, with a strong atmosphere that continues to attract visitors from all over the world to this "super bar".

The first bar in Shenzhen was born in Shekou, and its exotic style attracted many expatriates to come here for leisure and entertainment, gradually forming a street of Shekou bars.

On March 30, 1987, a foreigner named Luosha opened a private bar called "Snake's Nest". Nowadays, more than 40 exotic bars from Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States are lined up from Sea World Plaza, along the coast of Jinjing Plaza, Bi Tao Center, Ying Hui Court and Ying Chao Court, all the way to Nanhai Hotel.

It's a great bar to visit in Shekou, and it's the "Finas" bar in the center of Bi Tao, where the DJ plays a lot of classic rock and alternative music that you can hardly hear in the city's nightclubs.

Location: Nanshan District, Maritime Park

3. Window of the World Bar Street - a bar street with a continental feel

Conveniently located on the west side of the World Window, it is connected to the Metro Line 1 terminal and has an oversized parking lot, which is integrated with the World Window ice rink. The entire bar street is European in architectural style, with 12 bars and restaurants already open in Phase I. Each bar on the block represents a style from a European country. The street is also the most special, the most architectural charm, the most national cultural taste in Shenzhen, a comprehensive street of bars, restaurants, leisure and entertainment in one, is a good place for business meetings, friends and family leisure gatherings.

Location: Nanshan District, Window on the World

4. CocoPark Bar Street

COCO Bar Street is open all day long and is the most popular leisure and entertainment site in Shenzhen's central district, which is highly sought after by urban white-collar and foreigners alike and enjoys the reputation of "Little Lan Kwai Fong".

In the daytime, you can choose a bar, pick a window seat, order a cup of Blue Mountain coffee, throw your thoughts out of the sky, just look out the window and daze, let the passers-by become their own scenery, also let yourself become the scenery of the passers-by; you can also ask for a cup of green tea, choose a book, put your body in the French carved wooden circle chair, spend a relaxing time.

Bars are not only a place to experience fashion in the nightlife, but also a place where many people host guests and friends to gather. The fast pace of life, of work, is relaxed because of the bar. A bottle of beer, a cup of green tea, a cup of coffee, a bucket of popcorn.....

On a summer's night, if you're tired of the noise in the bar, sit outside in the open air, listen to psychedelic music, drink a cold beer and let yourself wander away from the hustle and bustle. The terrace tables were stocked with faintly glowing candles, enjoying a dinner that was quiet and comfortable, elegant and romantic.

Location: Futian District, Northeast of COCO Park

5. Fifth Avenue Bar Street - The New Aristocratic Bar Street

Fifth Street Bar Street, consisting of a disco bar on the ground floor, a cafe on the first floor, a music bar, a western-style bar, and a cultural bar, brings together a variety of styles and cultures. The European and American architectural style, strong cultural atmosphere and elegant aristocratic style of Fifth Street-Bar Street will bring a new fashion icon to Shenzhen.

As the only unified bar street in Shenzhen, there are more than 10 bars, the smallest one is over 100 square meters and the largest one is 800 square meters. The distinctive plaza and atrium billboards create an overall atmosphere where different styles of bars are linked together. And the convenient transportation advantages will make Fifth Avenue Bar Street a leisure scenery that citizens and tourists cannot miss.

Location: Baoan District, Baoan Stadium

Which one is best for foreigners?

The bar in Shekou, of course.

In the West, soaking bars is recognized as one of the most traditional and purest ways to live. Every bar and restaurant in Shekou strives for a simple, comfortable and homely atmosphere, and the food tends to be family-friendly. Foreigners who have lived in Shekou for a long time have made it their home town.

After a couple of days here, you'll feel formally different from commuters going in droves to a regular bar street, and you'll feel like you're back in a distant hometown. Of course, what you can also feel is an exotic and different style, and is original; the food, clothing, language, decorations here will make you feel a change of world, let you temporarily forget the troubles and displeasure of your circle.

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