Top 8 Hotel Lists When Traveling in China

Travel to China, hotels need to be booked in advance. This time, I'll introduce 8 hotels we stayed in during our trip to China. I hope they will be useful to you.

1. Beijing - 161 Hotel

Top 8 Hotel Lists When Traveling in China

To get from Beijing airport the cheapest way is to take the Airport Express, get off at Dongzhimen station, and from there take the metro line 2 (navy blue line) to Yonghehong and then change to line 5 to Donsi.

161 Hotel located in Lishi Hutong, a very quiet area of the city. The rooms are medium size, with all the amenities and the beds are very comfortable. From the windows, you have a view of the roofs of the surrounding houses.

You will be charged for your stay once you check-in and you will also be asked for a 200RMB deposit which will be returned when you check out if everything is correct.

They have free wifi in all the facilities, and there has a cafeteria and bar/restaurant service at very competitive prices. A good place to have the first coffee in the morning as it is not easy to find it anywhere.

2. Pingyao - Cheng Jia Hotel

Top 8 Hotel Lists When Traveling in China

Hotel in the center of Pingyao, next to the North Gate In the Pingyao Cheng Jia Hotel we find a beautiful traditional house, with spectacular rooms, in the purest Chinese style.

The rooms are big, with all the comforts and with a bed as big as comfortable.

They have free wifi service in all the facilities and the breakfast service is not included.

The courtyard where the rooms are located in a real haven of peace in which it is worth spending some time in the late afternoon.

3. Xi'an - An Yuan Men Hotel

Top 8 Hotel Lists When Traveling in China

Hotel in the center of Xi'an, very close to the city walls, about 200 meters.

The hotel is located on the fourth floor of a building and when you make a reservation you will be sent very complete documentation on how to get there.

The rooms are large and very comfortable and the showers are western.

There is a cafeteria/bar/restaurant with breakfast, coffee, and western food.

4. Chengdu - Ibis Hotel

Top 8 Hotel Lists When Traveling in China

Very well located, at No.20 Section 2 Hongxing Road, Jinjiang, this hotel is a perfect choice to stay in Chengdu. The airport is about 40 minutes away by car.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable and it is one of the few hotels that we found with breakfast included in the price of the room and although this is quite fair, it is true that has sliced bread and butter, something that we have not found in many hotels.

From the hotel to the Panda Bear Conservation Center you can get there by taxi in about 15 minutes and the price is about 33RMB.

5. Zhangjiajie - Youth Hotel

Top 8 Hotel Lists When Traveling in China

Hotel in Wulingyuan, a village where we find the main gate of Zhangjiajie National Park or Avatar Park.

The hostel is located about 200 meters from the entrance of the park and is surrounded by local restaurants. The location is on a street parallel to the main street, at the end of the street.

The rooms are spacious and very comfortable. The price includes free wifi service in the whole establishment and the signal is quite good.

They do not have a lift, but they help to carry bags up.

6. Fenghuang - Melody Hotel

Top 8 Hotel Lists When Traveling in China

Hotel located in the historical area of Fenghuang. The rooms are big and very correct, as well as the bathroom. The hotel has free wifi without paying any extra.

The views of the river from the rooms are impressive.
The hotel staff is the kindest thing we've found on this trip to China on our own. They even helped us to find transportation for the next day we needed to go to Huaihua and it was much cheaper than local transportation.

They do not accept visa credit cards, so you have to bring cash to pay for your stay.

7. Guilin Binjiang Hotel

Top 8 Hotel Lists When Traveling in China

Hotel in the river area only 300 meters from the Night Market and 500 meters from the Moon and Sun Pagodas.

They speak perfect English and have excursion service:

The rooms are large and very comfortable, some of them with a view of the river and the bathroom is very spacious with all the amenities.

They have air conditioning and a good wifi signal, included in the price of the room.

They make very good breakfasts at reasonable prices and also quite good coffee.

8. Yangshuo Mulan Hotel

Top 8 Hotel Lists When Traveling in China

Hotel located on the street parallel to West Street, the best known, liveliest, and noisiest street in town.

The rooms are large and very comfortable, as well as the bathrooms. On the bedside tables, you'll find earplugs, which will give you a good idea of what to expect at night.

If you are looking for a quiet place to rest, this is not your place. But if you are looking for a central place, where you can just go to sleep with comfort and cleanliness, do not hesitate. We heard a noise at the beginning of the night, but with the tiredness we had, we fell asleep without any problem.

Of course, the above 8 hotels may not be the best hotels in the local, but on the whole, when we travel to China, all of us spent a comfortable night in these hotels. That's enough!

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