How to Choose the Right Style of Chinese Hanfu for You?

In the wave of cultural revival in recent years, Hanfu can be said to be the pioneer among them, deeply welcomed and accepted by many people, and its development and popularity are becoming more and more widespread, becoming an extremely popular kind of clothing for many people.

Hanfu has a unique beauty of ancient style and elegance, which is still accepted and loved by the public until today. There are many style Hanfu, and it can be said that no matter what style you want to go for, you can pick out a set of Hanfu that suits you.

Feng Jia Chen, a very pretty-looking girl, played the role of "Tang Niu (唐妞)" in Xi'an, completing one difficult and elegant action after another, and the short video was uploaded on the Internet, and then it was a hit. Despite the cold night, her show is still surrounded by a large number of people, many of whom came all the way, which is enough to see her high popularity.

How to Choose the Right Style of Chinese Hanfu for You?

Feng is very good at the way of wearing Hanfu. Every performance, the whole body is integrated, and the temperament is fully distributed. Let's have a look at Feng's Hanfu collocation.

Feng recently shared a series of photos of her wearing a red Hanfu dress, which is more of a strong Tang style, with shades of red and golden yellow.

In addition, the brightly colored cuffs are embroidered with golden phoenix feathers, which is noble and gorgeous, and the skirt is embroidered with floral designs. Added a dazzling gold color to the rich red color, and with the headdress gave people a feeling of luxury.

How to Choose the Right Style of Chinese Hanfu for You?

How to Determine Your Hanfu Style

Firstly, from looks, if you are like Feng, belong to the generous looks, you should choose the gorgeous and noble Tang style Hanfu, gorgeous and the atmosphere is the most appropriate and can be integrated, this kind of Hanfu worn on the body can perfectly reflect the magnificent Tang Dynasty most vividly, noble and generous, luxurious and beautiful.

If you are small and exquisite looks, you can choose the fairy fluttering Song style Hanfu, Song is simple and elegant, very suitable for small girls to wear, such Hanfu not only let you float like a fairy but also more can reflect the small exquisite sweet.

If you are pure and beautiful looks, you can choose the modern sense of Hanfu, which will be beautiful and fairy combined together as if the fairy came down to earth.

How to Choose the Right Style of Chinese Hanfu for You?

Secondly, starting from the body shape, if the body is well-proportioned and more rounded girls, choose Tang style Hanfu is the most appropriate, the Tang Dynasty has "full-bodied" as the standard of beauty, and at the same time to the gorgeous bright colors are most able to reflect the luxury and graceful beauty.

If you are a tall and thin girl, you can choose the casual and lazy Wei-Jin style Hanfu, the loose type design of Wei-Jin style Hanfu can best reflect the fresh and elegant temperament, not only better reflect the slender, but also create a pure and elegant casual beauty.

If you have a pear-shaped body, you can choose a Ruqun as the most suitable, the top half of the exquisite and bottom half plain and elegant, still can be beautiful.

How to Choose the Right Style of Chinese Hanfu for You?

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