Chinese Cheongsam Dress is a Beauty of Traditional Costume

Chinese cheongsam dress is a traditional costume of Chinese culture, after more than a hundred years of development, Chinese cheongsam dress has represented a unique symbol of the Chinese nation on the international stage.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is the Beauty of-One Traditional Costume

Chinese cheongsam dress, solemn and elegant, noble and romantic, it shows a woman's soft posture to the fullest, conveying a woman from the inside out or youthful, or mature and charming all kinds of styles, a lift of the hand and a look in the eyes, all present the beauty of excellence.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is the Beauty of-One Traditional Costume

· Qing Dynasty Cheongsam--The Flag Lady's Dress

In the beginning, the Qing Dynasty Manchu female robe worn by the people called the " Flag Lady's Dressed ". From the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, starting in Beijing to Shanghai, through the evolution and improvement of history, it has become popular in recent and modern times, becoming known as " Chinese cheongsam dress ".

· ROC ( Republic of China) Chinese Cheongsam Dress--The Beginning of the Trend

After the Xinhai Revolution, by the influence of schoolgirls dress, top and bottom skirt of the "new civilization" popular for a while, the 1920s women's robes are popular again, after the development of a new style vest cheongsam dress, inverted-sleeved cheongsam dress became the prototype of the Republic of cheongsam.

· ROC Chinese Cheongsam Dress--The Golden Generation

After the 1930s, the model fit and highlight the three curves of the female improved cheongsam appears, laid the foundation of modern cheongsam, and the world is well-known, while the Sea School cheongsam dress is typical of the Republic of cheongsam.

· ROC Chinese Cheongsam Dress--Moving on to the Classics

Due to the economic depression and lack of medical supplies in the war years, the cheongsam of the 1940s is no longer popular in the luxury cheongsam of the 1930s, after removing all kinds of cumbersome decoration, the more simple and appropriate cheongsam became the classic style of the 1940s cheongsam dress.

· Hong Kong and Taiwan Cheongsam Dress--Continue the Classic

After 1949, the mainland cheongsam appeared nearly 30 years of fault, but Hong Kong and Taiwan cheongsam have become a provincial migrant women homesickness, Hong Kong and Taiwan cheongsam is a continuation of the Republic of China's performance gown, when the cheongsam shop is most famous for making cheongsam are handmade exquisite Shanghai tailors.

· Modern Chinese Cheongsam Dress--History of Innovation

Chinese cheongsam dress culture fully revived in the 1990s, cheongsam regained the world's attention and appeared more and more on various important occasions. Nowadays, cheongsam has become a symbol of cultural symbols and pride, at the same time, it has reopened a new round of golden age.

1.  The Origin of the Chinese Cheongsam Dress

Chinese cheongsam dress is a historical mark of a period, and it is the national dress of the Republic of China period, which is the most common form of dress in people's lives. The 1920s is considered the starting point of the cheongsam fad, which flourished in the 1930s and 1940s when the cheongsam reached its peak during the 1930s.
Chinese cheongsam dress originated from the robe of the Manchu, and Beijing is the largest concentration of the Manchu, so, until the end of the Qing Dynasty, Cheongsam belongs to the culture of Beijing. The Qing Dynasty's robe of the Manchu including male and female robes, but since the robe is female, it can also be said that the robe originated from the robe of the Manchu Female.

2.  Chinese Cheongsam Dress Features

The modern Chinese cheongsam dress is generally characterized in whole or in part by the following features: a large overlapping placket or half placket, a collar button, side splits, a single piece of fabric, a closed waist, sleeveless or short sleeves, etc. The slit is just one of many features of the cheongsam, not the only one, nor is it necessary. Chinese cheongsam dress style is characterized by the absorption of Western art, new and flexible, and diverse, the commercial atmosphere is strong; more with official style, appearing reserved and refined.

3.  Sort of Chinese Cheongsam Dress

Cheongsam styles are diverse, classification methods are also diverse, fabric classification, craft classification, style classification, seasonal classification, etc. Today, we are introducing to everyone is the cheongsam craft classification.

Although the overall cut of the cheongsam does not change a lot, the bodice shape also has a certain amount of detail. A discussion of the details can also influence the overall perception of a woman wearing a cheongsam. You can't go wrong in choosing a cheongsam that suits your face shape and body shape.

· Round Lapel

Round lapel lines are silky and fluid, which is a very common direction for cheongsam to open. It fits the female's graceful and peaceful attitude. The large round lapel cheongsam can be easily handled by females of all face shapes and sizes, and this closure is not face-picking.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is the Beauty of-One Traditional Costume

▲ Round Lapel Chinese Cheongsam Dress

· Strong· Straight Lapel

The distinctive feature of the straight lapel cheongsam has a sense of line. The long straight lapel cheongsam has a slimming effect and will elongate the figure of a female.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is the Beauty of-One Traditional Costume

▲ Straight Lapel Chinese Cheongsam Dress

· Slanting Lapel

Cut from the neckline and slanted across the chest, the bodice style has a classic look to it. Slanting lapel used to be paired with a large floral button, but now they are switched to a thinner floral button. The modern Chinese cheongsam dress design is mostly a slanting lapel style.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is the Beauty of-One Traditional Costume

▲ Slanting Lapel Chinese Cheongsam Dress

· Square Lapel

The square lapel is characterized by a square in the middle with a circle. I think that its design idea is probably also taken from the concept of "good works are like water". Sleek and angular, the gentleness of it all is stern.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is the Beauty of-One Traditional Costume

▲ Square Lapel Chinese Cheongsam Dress

The square lapel is rounded in the middle, subtle and discreet, still versatile enough to be worn by females with different face shapes. The square lapel is suitable for females with a thin face and can play a role in finishing the face.

· Pipa Lapel

The large lapel only goes up to the chest, not under the armpits. The pipa lapel is the most common costume used in the Qing Dynasty drama, while the short coat worn on the outside is mostly a pipa lapel.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is the Beauty of-One Traditional Costume

▲ Pipa Lapel Chinese Cheongsam Dress

This lapel shape is suitable for sharp-faced females with a pointed chin.

· Double Lapel

The double lapel is complicated than the single lapel, with the lapels on both sides of the cheongsam first, then one of the lapels are sewn together. This stitched placket only serves as a decoration, so wearing a double-lapeled cheongsam is the same as a single-lapeled one, except that the double-lapeled cheongsam is visually more beautiful and noble, and the style is older. Of course, the double lapel does a great job of finishing off the face. People who are not satisfied with their face shape can try a double lapel cheongsam.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is the Beauty of-One Traditional Costume

▲ Double Lapel Chinese Cheongsam Dress

Jiang Jieshi's wife, Song Meiling has an imperial cheongsam master like this.

Zhang Ruixiang was a tailor in a private tailor's shop in a small alley near the Xinhua Gate in Nanjing. When Song Meiling wore his Chinese cheongsam dress, she felt that it was extremely appropriate and exquisite, so she transferred him to the official residence.

In 1991, when Song Meiling went to settle in the United States, she took ninety-nine boxes of personal clothing with her. There were fifty boxes filled with her favorite cheongsam.

It is said that Master Zhang Ruixiang spent the rest of the year making cheongsam for Song Mei Ling, except for a day off for New Year's Eve. And this Chinese cheongsam dress is also designed and cut exactly to Song Meiling's size and tailored.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is a Beauty of Traditional Costume

▲ Song Meiling's different Chinese cheongsam dress

The reason why craftsmanship is so important to cheongsam is that the details make all the difference. The collar, the length of sleeves, the length of the robe itself, even as small as the buckle, the hem, and the openings all affect its general beauty. Therefore, in order to choose a set of flattering and beautiful cheongsam, it is recommended to select from the above few details.

Chinese Cheongsam Dress is the Beauty of-One Traditional Costume

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