Hanfu in Snow Mountain

Location: Emei Snow Mountain

Hanfu in Snow Mountain

We get up at six o’clock every morning, make up the Hanfu model during the day and night, have no rest time. Therefore, the quality of the make-up is very good, and everyone is super-looking.

Hanfu in Snow Mountain

Emei Mountain temperature is 20 degrees below zero at night. When it is snowing and blowing, we watch our hair turn white one by one. The bangs directly become a piece of ice, and we have survived these nights with perseverance. Hong said that he had never taken Hanfu photos for so long, and he had never suffered this kind of cold weather.

Hanfu in Snow Mountain

Finally, we successfully completed the shooting. Yes, we did it. Seeing the beautiful Hanfu photos, we feel that this work is worth it.

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