How Chinoiserie Culture Quietly Popular Among Young People

Hairpins, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and other antique jewelry in a wide range, tweezers, wire drawing board, spitfire, and other tools filled the workbench.

In the studio of "Jia Xu Zao Wu (甲戌造物)" located in Jinan, Shandong Province, "post-90s" young man Lü Jikai is using the millennium-old filigree inlay craft to process custom traditional jewelry for customers.

How Chinoiserie Culture Quietly Popular Among Young People

Among the popular culture in China in recent years, the ancient trend represented by hanfu, cheongsam and traditional jewelry is especially sought after by young people like Lü Jikai.

More and more "post-90s" and "post-00s" have turned their love for Chinese costumes and traditional jewelry into a career, becoming the promoters of the Chinoiserie culture.

How Chinoiserie Culture Quietly Popular Among Young People

"8 years ago, when I first joined the industry, the demand for traditional jewelry is not high, and few people do it, like the old craft of filigree inlay, but few people know." Lü Jikai said.

But in recent years, traditional Chinoiserie culture is receiving more and more attention, oriental aesthetics get more young people like, traditional Chinese jewelry also began to capture the hearts of more consumers.

How Chinoiserie Culture Quietly Popular Among Young People

"In the past, only a few orders a month, now the orders are basically scheduled to three months later.Some people specify jewelry made by filigree inlay craft." Lü Jikai, looking for his custom traditional jewelry customer group age span is relatively large, from a few teenagers to 40 or 50 years old, to hanfu lovers mostly.

Filigree inlay craft is a traditional Chinese handicraft technique that originated in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period and was mostly used in ancient times to make royal jewelry. "This craft is an extreme test of patience and concentration. Currently, most of my works are original designs." Lü Jikai introduced.

How Chinoiserie Culture Quietly Popular Among Young People

Lü Jikai has a professional foundation in jewelry design and art skills, and also prefers to study ancient texts to draw creative inspiration. I hope that through his works to inherit the old skills, show the Chinoiserie style, and push the boundaries of tradition to create more accessories that meet the aesthetics of modern people.



The prevalence of Chinoiserie culture has also given rise to diversified industrial chains such as Hanfu experience stores and photo shoots. Xie Mingli, a "post-95" girl, runs a Hanfu experience store in Jinan, and every winter break is her busiest period.

"We used to have more contact with high school students and college students, but in the past two years, we found that the age group of people who like Hanfu is extending to both ends." Xie Mingli said that the number of elementary and middle school students who come to the store to experience Hanfu is gradually increasing, and there are also "post-80s" and "post-70s" who come to "try" and feel a unique beauty and cultural flavor of Hanfu and national costumes. After feeling a unique beauty and cultural flavor of Hanfu and national costumes, they have been attracted to them ever since and can't forget them.

How Chinoiserie Culture Quietly Popular Among Young People

In Xie Mingli's opinion, "Hanfu" is no longer confined to a circle of enthusiasts, but is spreading outward. The Chinoiserie culture style is not a traditional, outdated symbol, but an emerging cultural wave. The new generation of young people, such as the "post-00s" and "post-90s", are gradually building up their cultural confidence and their love for traditional culture in the process of wearing hanfu costumes.

How Chinoiserie Culture Quietly Popular Among Young People

Shu Qiuhong, a "post-90s" girl who quit her job as a teacher and bravely pursued her "Hanfu dream", also holds the same view. She is not only fascinated by the beauty of the Hanfu form, but also by the cultural connotations contained in the traditional costume.

Shu Qiuhong said that from the popularity of her Hanfu store's clothing rental and sales, makeup and photography, as well as the sales of various types of hair accessories, Chinoiserie style clothing is gradually moving from the niche to the public eye, and is even welcomed by foreign friends. " A Russian girl went to the store to experience Hanfu dressing and not only bought for herself, but also recommended it to her mother who was far away from home via video."

Shu Qiuhong said that hanfu culture is attracting more attention. It is believed that in the future, more and more people will wear the hanfu as their daily dress and become the walking "spokesman" of Chinoiserie style by wearing it on the street.



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