The Story Behind Chu Qi’s Magical Hanfu Transfor

The rise of short videos has also given rise to a number of "web celebrities", all of which have their different points of attraction. One very popular category is the cosplayer who takes the "contrast beauty" route.

They may turn from ordinary people to stunningly beautiful or handsome instantly. This huge contrast always attracts the love of many people.

The Story Behind Chu Qi’s Magical Hanfu Transfor

And one of the most typical representatives is the famous "bald web celebrity" Chu Qi.

Chu Qi (楚淇), the legendary figure of the Douyin (Chinese Tiktok). By interpreting the great contrast between bald men to beautiful men, after the dressing, he is a long-haired ancient beautiful man. "Is it really the same person?" This was the suspicion of almost everyone who had seen Chu Qi's video.

With this, he created a strong dramatic conflict, shocking the crowd while also winning the attention of a large number of fans. So far, he has attracted 43,968,000 likes with 111 videos, and the average likes are as high as 390,000.

The Story Behind Chu Qi’s Magical Hanfu Transfor



Had lost a whopping 33 pounds in 2 months

Chu Qi first cosplayed at the end of 2018, when he had just succeeded in losing weight and couldn't wait to arrange a thirteen-day travel shooting trip for himself on the Dunhuang to Dachaidan route.

He arranged two roles for himself: the charming beauty and the cold and ruthless knight-errant. According to Chu Qi's own words, this is the first cosplay attempt after more than 2 months of weight loss program.

In order to become a cosplayer, he insisted on a healthy diet and exercise for more than two months. Even if he worked overtime until after 1:00, he would definitely exercise for 1 hour before going to bed. With such perseverance, for more than 2 months he finally lost a whopping 33 pounds, laying an important foundation for becoming a cosplayer.

The Story Behind Chu Qi’s Magical Hanfu Transfor

Yiling Laozu, He Baorong (the hero of "Happy Together"), Ning Caishen, Ouyang Feng ...... Chu Qi dressed up in every role is fascinating. These or debauchery, or gentle as jade, or suave, or melancholy deep feelings of the stunningly beautiful young man, stunning the crowd, ripples in the hearts of fans.

The Story Behind Chu Qi’s Magical Hanfu Transfor

Another reason why he became handsome after cross-dressing was because he wore a wig headgear, many netizens teased him, asking him to "weld" the wig headgear on top of his head and not take it down again.

The Story Behind Chu Qi’s Magical Hanfu Transfor



Chu Qi's Live Streaming

Unlike short videos, live streaming gives Chu Qi more time to spend with his fans and gives them a chance to get a glimpse of the story behind his cosplay.

Chu Qi's sincerity and cuteness have convinced every fan's heart. In addition to accepting the fans' flirtation, Chu Qi's main content of the live streaming is still to show the real cosplay backstage mainly.

The Story Behind Chu Qi’s Magical Hanfu Transfor

Chuqi also opened up his wig know-how in the live stream (more like self-flirtation): "As long as the strength is in place, everything is OK, buy more expensive wigs and just hire more expensive makeup artists."

In this process, Chu Qi's fans can also learn a lot of hanfu cosplay secrets: wigs are not just put on, but also need to be trimmed and styled according to the needs of the scene cosplay, even the seemingly simple work of "perm straight" actually has a lot of technical requirements; boys not only need to makeup, eyebrows, lipstick, and blush are also essential.

This also makes the fans very surprised, the original in the bright and shiny behind, there is a lot of hard work and not easy. For example, in the snowy ancient palace, Chu Qi, the fluttering gentleman, ran over and over again holding his lover's hand to find the perfect angle to shoot. According to the photographer's request, Chu Qi turned back, again and again, just to produce the perfect effect that fans can amaze fans.

The Story Behind Chu Qi’s Magical Hanfu Transfor

This is perhaps the charm of hanfu and hanfu hairstyles. In fact, hanfu is really inclusive, and as long as dress up properly, can also become stunning.

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