Plain Robe (素纱禅衣, Sù shā chán yī)

Since I'm a very beginner sewer, I picked a very simple style. P68 in 中国古代服饰结构图集 (ISBN 9787574108943) is 素纱禅衣 (Sù shā chán yī, "plain yarn zen clothes"???).

The neck area and torso length numbers from the book were fine but I used my own measurements for waist, sleeve length, and height. I triple checked that there were no ties in this pattern and also that other patterns in the book had ties, so the book doesn't expect you to add ties as needed, so there are no ties in my robe. So, I made a very simple belt to which I added a cell phone pocket. 😎

XXL me vs M daughter. Needs hemming.

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