Hanfu Resale Group Rules

Hanfu Resale group aims to provide communication and information for Hanfu lovers who want to sell or buy used hanfu/Chinese traditional costumes/hanfu accessories.

For Sellers: If your hanfu is taking up a lot of space in your closet, you can post it here and resell it to another hanfu lover.

For Buyers: If you see a hanfu in the group that strikes your fancy and it has a nice price, start a chat with the seller via private message!

How to start your hanfu resale

1. When your user level reaches Lv.2 (1000 points), you can join Hanfu Resale.
2. About post content
(1) This group only allows the posting of personal used items, and advertisements/promotional (include URL links) is prohibited.
(2) Please refer to the sample post (https://www.newhanfu.com/group/27768.html) for a detailed listing of the attributes of the used item you wish to sell.
(3) If your post does not comply with the rules, it will be removed by the administrator.
3. Please ask for details via comments or private message.

Note and Rules

1. This group only provides communication and information, Newhanfu will not be involved in the transaction process.
2. If you decide to buy or sell a used item, please carefully screen the seller/buyer's details and choose a safe transaction method. Newhanfu is not responsible for any consequences of the transaction.
3. If you encounter any problems or have good suggestions about this group, please launch a Support Ticket or contact admin Ling by private message.
4. For more notes, please check: https://www.newhanfu.com/help/11566.html

Mod Admin

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