Disney Movie - Liu Yifei's Mulan Premiere

On March 10, local time, the premiere of the live-action "Hua Mulan," a Disney animation based entirely on a Chinese story, was held in Los Angeles, and the company has received a lot of attention since it was filmed.

The final announcement of Liu Yifei as Mulan was a big hit with the audience, who were very much looking forward to Liu Yifei's performance in the movie.

On the day of its release, viewers who saw the film revealed that it was 115 minutes long, a full 27 minutes longer than the animated version of the Hua Mulan film. What does it look like for a movie? The film, starring Yifei Liu and featuring an all-Asian cast, is also a rare war drama in a Disney princess film, with a nearly $200 million investment in English language interpretation of a household story in China.

A number of Chinese stars who participated in the film also took to the red carpet at the premiere on March 10, including not only Yifei, but also Jet Li and his daughter, Donnie Yen. Liu Yifei wore a large gold skirt dress with gold heels, showing the glamour of China's oriental women, but on camera, her every knitted smile could not escape the frantic pursuit of every reporter.

Liu Yifei can be said to have been the childhood of every one of us young Chinese people, from Liu Yifei as the Little Dragoness to Bai Shen in the later film version of "Three Lives, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom", for better or worse, the script is sure to captivate audiences with its superb acting skills and fairy-like appearance.

In the star's party, every female star is wearing heavy makeup, posing their best, showing the sweetest smile in the photo, only Liu Yifei sitting aside, blushing as if drunk, laughing, many people in the Weibo picture under the comment Liu Yifei "ugly" but also many people commented, very natural Liu Yifei, not making up.

After filming the film version of Three Lives, Ten Mile Peach Blossom, Liu Yifei took up dancing and danced a stylish and flavorful duet with Yang Yang at the film premiere.

In the Adidas campaign, the theme of the Chinese New Year was invited from all Adidas spokespersons, including Eason Chen, Amy Pang, Angelababy, Mi Yang, Shi Ling Wang, Yiyang Qianxi, Zetao Ning and Yifei Liu, to perform this wonderful Chinese New Year campaign, and one of the well-received segments was Yifei Liu's solo dance, which showed the Oriental charm between her eyes.

In this Mulan movie, Liu Yifei almost appears as a vegetarian, but also adds a sense of the vicissitudes of the battlefield to her face.Even so, Liu Yifei perfectly demonstrated the Chinese character of loyalty and bravery. It's safe to say that I'm very much looking forward to the finished film.

The first time around, there are photos of Liu Yifei 16 years old on Halloween, in which she is wearing a light blue dress with a bow on top of her head, carrying a small basket in her hand to a neighbor's house for candy. Beautiful as a painting, these two years Liu Yifei, although not many works, but almost all of them are presented in fine form. And in life, Liu Yifei is also a total talent, not only fluent in English, Japanese, but also in French.

After debuting at 14 and becoming famous at 15, Liu Yifei never seemed to have any gossip or cocky remarks in all her years in the entertainment industry. It seems that as soon as Liu Yifei is mentioned, she is linked to the fairy sister, and as soon as the fairy sister is mentioned, Liu Yifei can also be thought of. And in each of the celebrity group photos, Liu Yifei is the most dazzling one.


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