Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

There are a wide variety of China's dog breeds, some very well known, others not so popular. If you have one or interested in these wonderful dog breeds in China, we will explain below their origins and features.

1. Chinese Crested

If you're looking for a pet that gets attention, the Chinese Crested is one of them.

Its origins place it as a mouse hunter on business boats. This Asian Crested breed has two variants, one with abundant and long hair and another without hair. The latter usually has some long hair on the head and at the end of the legs, which gives them an elegant air.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

They are small in appearance, usually weighing no more than 5 kg, although their height can reach 30 cm, and their life expectancy is usually around 15 years.

The grey and brown shades for their body are the most frequent.

As for their character, they are affectionate, very active and obedient, distrustful of strangers but very faithful to their master and so playful that they are perfect for a family with children.

2. Shar Pei

The Shar-Pei dogs look like their whole body is made of Plush Dolls that it is inevitable to feel like touching them.

With such a tender image that the folds give them, it is hard to believe that in the past, they were destined to participate in dog fights. In the past, during the Han dynasty, their job as guardians of tombs, and finally today, they are a valued companion animal.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

The coat is short, and the colors cover a wide range, shades of sand, arctic, chocolate, black, blue, some really spectacular.

Their character is strong, so the discipline of their training must be followed with rigor.

The size of a Shar-Pei can reach 50 cm high and weight about 30 kg. They usually live for around 10 years.

3. Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier was trained as a shepherd dog and considered lucky dogs, and there was a belief that they should not be sold so as not to sell luck.

They are a breed with a lot of energy, very playful and adaptable to all spaces, being ideal for a family with children.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

Always alert to any movement makes them excellent guard dogs.

Their coat is long, so it is advisable to have a good dog hair trimmer. The shades can range from light to black or combinations of several shades.

Their life expectancy is about 13 years. Its size of about 35 cm high and 20 kg in weight, makes it very manageable.

4. Lhasa Apso

This breed of similar appearance to the Tibetan Terrier, but smaller, was also considered in Tibet as a dog carrier of good luck.

Its coat is made up of two layers, one a little shorter and another longer and straighter hair. The color range includes gold and sand.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

Although it is a very agile dog, its character is calm and accepts better to be quietly lying down than the games of children, so it is more suitable for adults.

The height is about 30cm, and the weight does not usually exceed 8 kg. Their life expectancy is 15 years.

5. Chongqing Canine

As early as the Han Dynasty, it was destined for bear hunting. Today they are excellent guard dogs.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

The Chongqing is a dog of which we can find copies of up to 50 cm high, and its weight can reach 25 kg. Of the robust aspect, they can live up to 18 years.

Because of the long history of training, it has become one of the most trusted dogs of their master.

6. Chow Chow

This is another dog breed from China that will not leave you indifferent.

In their origins, they were used as hunters and guardians of herds and monasteries. It is said that they came to be consumed as meat at a time of crisis in the country.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

Their most outstanding feature is their blue-black tongue, and the fur is abundant, and the colors can range from cream to black, reddish, blue, gray, or white.

Their temperament is calm. In terms of size, Chow can grow up to 40 cm high and 25 kg in weight. They usually live around 12 years old.

7. Pekingese Canine

Although the Jingba Dog breed has always been considered as a companion dog, these dogs are not the most obedient; it is recommended to train them with caresses and patience.

In origins, it was bred exclusively in the palaces of Chinese emperors, hence its proud character. It is one of the smartest breeds.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

It is a great watchdog always alert and not bark too much, warning more by movement than barking.

Its constitution is longer than wide, flat muzzle, large eyes and long hair, and smooth, almost all colors from black through cinnamon, cream, or gray.

Its weight does not usually exceed 5 kg, making it ideal for carrying everywhere.

8. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is another small Chinese dog breed, usually not more than 27 cm high and 7 kg in weight. With abundant and long coat and big eyes. They can live up to 16 years.

The color of the coat is wide, varying shades of gold, white, brown, and gray.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

Originally they were used as a gift from the Dalai Lama to the Chinese royal families as a symbol of good luck.

It has a friendly, playful, and very active character, which makes it easier to deal with children and strangers and even with other dog breeds.

9. Carlino

Also known as Pug, small, does not exceed 10 kg, but strong and solid. Despite the small size, their head is big, bulging eyes and dense hair.

In ancient times, these dogs were considered sacred, lived in palaces, and had all the comforts with noble titles.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

They are the most popular dog breeds in the past, and their character is very playful, although with age, they become calmer. Their life expectancy is around 14 years.

There are many reasons why pugs are so welcome among pet owners. Not only are they adorable, but they're also loving and intelligent. They are very close to their masters and are funny and expressive.

10. Tibetan Mastiff

Also known as the Dog of Tíbet. They were used by Tibetan nomads to guard the herds and by monks to guard the temples.

If you like big dogs, this one certainly is, they can reach up to 80 cm high and weigh 90 kg or more. Life expectancy is about 11 years.

In morphology, it stands out a great musculature, a very thick and semi-long coat in brown tones or combinations with white or black.

Top 10 Lists of Wonderful Dog Breeds in China

Although he is cataloged as a very intelligent dog with an excellent memory, his character is strong, so training and socialization must begin from the time he is a puppy to prevent him from becoming aggressive.

A Tibetan Mastiff is not suitable if you're looking for a playmate for children, but it will be an excellent guard of your home.

These are all top 10 lists of the most incredible Chinese dog breeds. We hope that if you are thinking of increasing your family with one of these dogs, this information may be useful to you.

Besides the above dog breeds, the following also comes from China, like Kyi Apso, Formosa Mountain Dog, Kunming wolf-dog, and Tibetan Spaniel. These dog breeds even have existed for thousands of years in China.

It's estimated that there has more than 30 million dogs in China. The five most popular dog breeds in China are Poodle, Bichon fries, Corgi, Golden Retriever and French Bulldog.

If you walk the streets of first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai, you'll see these dogs everywhere.

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