How Much Do You Know About China's Teachers Day

Today (September 10) is China's teacher's day. Teacher's day has a very long history in China. Let's get to know it.

History of China's Teacher's Day

In ancient times, Teachers' Day had a great deal to do with Confucius. During the Han and Jin dynasties, on the birthday of Confucius (August 27th in the lunar calendar), the emperor would lead civil and military officials to worship at the Confucius Temple, and would also treat teachers to a meal.

How Much Do You Know About China's Teachers Day

During the Tang and Song dynasties, the National Capital and all the states, prefectures and counties would hold festivals to celebrate the birthday of Confucius on this day, and the festivals were very grand. In addition, the State Children's College, the academy, the state, the government, and the county would also select those with outstanding achievements as "Siye (司业)" and submit them to the imperial court, and these "advanced educators" were rewarded with up to 500 taels of silver.

In the Qing dynasty, the size and scope of the Confucius' birthday ceremony grew larger and larger, and the most accomplished teachers were given official positions on this day.

How Much Do You Know About China's Teachers Day

The Meaning of "Teacher"

"Teacher" initially refers to the old senior scholars or teaching academic people, in fact, in addition to "teacher", the ancient teacher's name, and many, such as Xiansheng (先生), Fuzi (夫子), Shifu (师傅,师父), Jiaoshou (教授, professor), Zhujiao (助教, assistant professor), Boshi (博士, doctor), etc. So, some in modern society and ancient times are common to call the same meaning?

How Much Do You Know About China's Teachers Day

Boshi (博士, doctor)

In ancient times, the word doctor was already used. In ancient times, the doctor was an official name. During the Qin and Han dynasties, a doctor was in charge of books, texts, and books, and was an official who was well versed in historical affairs, and later became an official who specialized in the scriptures or was proficient in the art and was engaged in teaching students.

Jiaoshou (教授, professor)

In the Han and Tang dynasties in China, there were doctors in the Imperial College, in the Song dynasty there were professors in central and local schools, and in the Yuan dynasty, there were professors in Confucian schools in various roads, states, and provinces as well as in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Zhujiao (助教, assistant professor)

Today, the assistant professor has the meaning of an assistant teacher. However, in ancient times, assistant teachers referred to teachers who taught at the State Children's Institute (Guozijian, 国子监). In the Western Jin Dynasty, assistant teachers were first appointed to coordinate doctors to teach Confucianism. Since then, except for a few dynasties, there was an assistant teacher in the State Children's College.

How Much Do You Know About China's Teachers Day

Teacher's Day is different from country to country, but in the path of education, respecting teachers is the most difficult, but also the most important, let's wish all the respected teachers a happy Teacher's Day~!

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