What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

The long-awaited "Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact" has finally premiered. Before its release, the number of reservations on the platform has surpassed 7.94 million, breaking the historical record for reservations on iQIYI, igniting tremendous excitement.

Adapted from the manga "Fox Spirit Matchmaker" by Xiao Xin Tuo. In a world of constant conflict between humans and spirits, the righteous head of the Tu Mountain Fox Clan, Tu Shan Hong Hong (played by Yang Mi), hopes for peace between both sides. To achieve this, she joins forces with Dongfang Yue Chu (played by Gong Jun), an orphan from the Dongfang family, to embark on a mission to foster love between humans and spirits. Their goal is to resist the dark forces threatening the Tu Mountain and to dissolve the sinister powers fueling the discord between humans and spirits.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

The stellar cast includes Yang Mi and Gong Jun as the lead actors, with special appearances by Guo Xiaoting, Wei Zheming, Hu Lianxin, and Wen Zhengrong. The three romantic storylines feature the heartfelt performances of Zhu Xudan and Yang Shize, Chen Yao and Mao Zijun, and Chen Duling and Zhang Linghe. With their outstanding looks, acting skills, and popularity, this lineup has stirred up quite a buzz in the entertainment industry.

With the combination of a top-tier Chinese comic adaptation and an ultra-luxurious cast, "Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact" is destined to capture the attention of millions. On May 23rd, the series premieres with four episodes, offering viewers a feast for the eyes and the soul. It not only presents a fantastical world and stunning visual effects but also delves deep into the portrayal of female characters, with each role showcasing unique charm, making them indispensable to the story.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch


A mirror confrontation between the positive and negative forces

In the previews, as we follow the perspectives of Tushan Hong Hong (played by Yang Mi) and Dongfang Yue Chu (played by Gong Jun), we gain a clearer understanding of the world of Tu Mountain in "Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact." The worldview depicted in this series is one of extreme duality, where the struggle between the Tu Mountain Fox Clan and the Black Foxes is constant. It's not merely a simple battle between good and evil but a profound exploration of the light and darkness, kindness and malice, love and hatred within human nature.

Tu Mountain Fox Clan symbolizes light, kindness, and love. They perceive true emotions, facilitate the union of lovers, nourish the Sorrowful Tree with their emotions, and safeguard the Six Realms. On the other hand, the Black Foxes represent darkness, evil, and hatred. They seek to strengthen themselves by feeding on hatred and aim to engulf the realm. This mirroring confrontation between the two forces creates a profound dramatic tension throughout the storyline.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

"The power of fox spirits comes from emotions. Where there is emotion, there is power." In the drama, emotional power and hateful power are two important elements. Emotional power mainly stems from the Tu Mountain Fox Clan and is closely tied to emotions. It's a positive force derived from emotions such as love, longing, and loyalty, providing nourishment for the Sorrowful Tree and granting strength. Emotional power is a healing force that fosters closer emotional connections between the Tu Mountain Fox Clan and others, ensuring peace in the Six Realms.

In contrast, hateful power mainly originates from characters like the Black Foxes and is closely tied to feelings of hatred and anger. This destructive force manifests in the storyline as the Black Foxes attempt to provoke war between humans and spirits to enhance hateful power and destroy the Six Realms.

In the storyline, both emotional power and hateful power play significant roles. Their confrontation and interweaving form a crucial part of the plot, showcasing the complex relationships between characters. However, in the end, emotional power triumphs over hateful power. In pursuit of love and peace, humans and spirits set aside their differences to confront the dark forces, ultimately safeguarding the Six Realms.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

Furthermore, emotional power and hateful power also represent an individual's emotional strength, akin to the dual aspects of "joy and pessimism." When you believe more in happiness and see the beauty in things, you gain more energy and goodness. Conversely, if you dwell in pessimism and sorrow, you might miss out on life's beauty. The series links these values to reality, reflecting on them and offering viewers more positive emotional values to ponder upon.

"Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact" delves deep into the complexities of human nature and the confrontation and reconciliation between good and evil through its setting of mirroring confrontation between forces of good and evil. It invites us to contemplate the conflicts and resolutions between light and darkness, kindness and malice, love and hatred while enjoying its captivating storyline.


Extremely beautiful oriental fantasy

The story of "Fox Spirit Matchmaker" exudes a rich Oriental fantasy atmosphere, so visual presentation is undoubtedly crucial in the adaptation process. The production team has invested significant effort in this aspect, ensuring that the series is indeed a visual feast.

In terms of visual presentation, Stellar Media pays great attention to the Oriental aesthetic ambiance, drawing inspiration from China's famous scenic spots. They have created four distinct realms, each rich in different local customs: the ethereal and dreamlike Tu Mountain, which is also vibrant and lively; the human realm, reflecting real-life settings with its unique characteristics; the Demon Control Country, located on the edge of the desert, characterized by a rough and wild atmosphere; and the mysterious Circle Outside, with an overall style of darkness and oppression. These four diverse spatial scenes harmonize fantasy with tradition, reality with special effects, and the contrast between forces of good and evil, outlining an Oriental fantasy world full of beauty.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

The characters living within these realms also embody Chinese folklore elements. While inheriting traditional Chinese culture in the original worldview, they also incorporate contemporary aesthetic concepts for innovation. Various colorful demon races such as foxes, ox demons, and tree demons make their lively appearances, leading the audience into the fascinating lives of the demon tribes.

However, unlike in previous works where demons were depicted mainly as savage creatures driven by animal instincts, in "Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact," demons also engage in activities like earning money, eating, and shopping at markets. Essentially, they are not much different from humans; they have emotions and aspire to a peaceful and prosperous life.

As Executive Producer Dai Ying mentioned, whether from the perspective of folklore or the romance between humans and spirits, the series aims to break down inherent prejudices against spirits and humans, creating a world of equality between them. This theme resonates strongly with current societal sentiments, as both in the series and in real life, we all long for true equality.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

The series also incorporates various traditional intangible cultural heritage elements, combining them with the fantastical Eastern fantasy setting to form a new aesthetic form. Tushan Hong Hong's cloak utilizes the traditional Wu Luo weaving technique, and the fox mask incorporates delicate flower silk inlay, integrating totems and special patterns representing the Tu Mountain Fox Clan, presenting a unique style. The velvet flower worn on Hong Hong's head is a common accessory from ancient times, symbolizing blessings and warding off evil, while phonetically resembling "glory," embodying people's aspirations for a beautiful life. Additionally, scenes feature the exquisite immortal flower lanterns, renowned as the "First Lantern of China," adding dazzling beauty to the surroundings.

The inclusion of these intangible cultural heritage elements maximizes the artistic connotation and cultural value of the series. Classical elements blend with modern aesthetics, collectively crafting the ultimate beauty of oriental fantasy.

Stellar Media, as the production company, has been committed to delving deep into traditional culture and Oriental aesthetic connotations. Through continuous innovation in content production, they maximize the artistic connotation and cultural value of the series, showcasing the unique cultural charm of the East and promoting cultural confidence. This allows more audiences to see the cultural confidence and infinite possibilities of Chinese film and television dramas.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch


Colorful Women's Groups Bloom with Different Charms

The main storyline of "Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact" along with its three subplots introduces over a dozen key characters, each boasting high attractiveness and popularity. Since the announcement of the cast, it has drawn attention from both within and outside the industry, sparking a buzz akin to immortals fighting. Despite the multitude of characters, the series manages to maintain clarity, with each character having their own development arc and set of characteristics. One standout aspect of the series is the meticulously crafted female characters.

As the head of the Tu Mountain Fox Clan, Tushan Hong Hong, portrayed by Yang Mi, is a strong and silent figure with a commanding presence. As the spirit fox born from the bitterness of the Sorrowful Tree, she carries the burden of protecting the demon clan and has never slackened in her duties over the centuries. She is dedicated to fostering harmony between humans and demons, prioritizing the Six Realms above all else, including her own life and love.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

The second-in-command with formidable martial prowess, Tushan Yaya (Guo Xiaoting) is laid-back and carefree, an ultimate martial arts enthusiast. She admires Hong Hong wholeheartedly, always eager to protect her sister and refusing to let her lift a finger. After Hong Hong sacrifices herself for the Six Realms, the usually carefree Ya Ya also shoulders the responsibility of protecting Tu Mountain, becoming more steady and reliable.

With a strong fighter and a reliable brainiac, a brainpower representative is naturally essential. The third sister, Tushan Rongrong (Hu Lianxin), is exceptionally intelligent, adept at planning and strategizing, and remains calm and composed in all situations. Although the youngest, she understands the hardships behind Hong Hong's dedication to protecting Tu Mountain and is willing to protect the carefree Yaya, striving to become their guardian and support.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

In addition to the Tu Mountain sisters, as the series progresses, it introduces a diverse array of vividly characterized figures. Characters like the kind and resilient princess Bu Tai (Zhu Xudan), the independent and clear-headed constable Lu Jianwen (Chen Yao), and the mischievous tree demon Yue Ti Xia (Chen Duling) bring forth their unique personalities—free, powerful, innocent, and brave. Each exudes the unique aura of femininity, even the antagonist Shi Ji possesses her own distinct charm.

These characters dare to break free from constraints, defy conventions, and confront their desires and pursuits head-on, willing to sacrifice everything to achieve their wishes. Even Shi Ji, facing a dead-end, is willing to gamble everything to protect her beliefs. The varied life experiences and choices of these female characters add rich layers to the series, allowing viewers not only to enjoy its highlights but also to deeply appreciate the unique charm and strength of different women, prompting profound reflections and admiration for the inner beauty of women.

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

As the first live-action adaptation of the "Fox Spirit Matchmaker" anime, the airing of "Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact" is not only an excellent adaptation of the original work but also a perfect presentation of Oriental aesthetics, leading viewers into a romantic Eastern fantasy world. In this world, we not only enjoy a visual feast but also feel the radiance of humanity and the power of love.

Under the alliance between humans and demons, will the crisis in the Six Realms be resolved? Will the three pairs of subplot romances reach fulfillment? Will Tushan Hong Hong and Dongfang Yue Chu ultimately stay together forever?

What Makes Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact a Must-Watch

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