Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

In the fascinating world of television, period dramas have always held a special allure, captivating audiences with their rich tapestries of history, culture, and personal stories set against the backdrop of significant historical epochs. As we look ahead, the upcoming roster of period cdramas promises an enthralling blend of intrigue, romance, and historical authenticity. These upcoming ten period cdramas not only promise to be a visual feast but also aim to immerse viewers in the depths of human experience across various landscapes of time.

According to incomplete statistics, currently there are more than ten period dramas awaiting broadcast, with key series including "Romance in the Alley," "Liu Zi Mei," "Zu Ji," and "Created in China."


The Swimsuit Saga

  • Director: Zhang Silin
  • Starring: Qiao Shan, Yang Zishan, Liu Jia, Tang Jianjun, Yu Yang

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Recently, the period drama "The Swimsuit Saga" was scheduled to premiere. The series, led by Qiao Shan and Yang Zishan, with a special appearance by Yu Yang, mainly tells the story of the people of Xingcheng Swimwear seizing the opportunity of reform to successfully start their own business, with Peng Jinxi (played by Qiao Shan) and Luo Hong (played by Yang Zishan) as representatives.

Plot Summary of The Swimsuit Saga

In 1978, 20-year-old Peng Jinxi from Xingcheng, Liaoning, was falsely accused of speculation and imprisoned by his rival Qin Sheng, losing the opportunity to attend university. After his release, Peng Jinxi started his own swimwear business, with his girlfriend Luo Hong by his side through thick and thin. Overcoming numerous challenges, they tied the knot and Peng Jinxi became the first local "millionaire." In the early 1980s, as policies relaxed, distant relative Jia Weimin and others followed Peng Jinxi's lead in setting up workshops for swimwear production, initiating a price war.

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

The couple cleverly navigated these challenges, consolidating the local market and uniting with their peers. Peng Jinxi paved the way for "Xingcheng Swimwear" to go nationwide. In the early 1990s, Peng Jinxi faced a double blow from Qin Sheng's revenge and market reforms, falling into a trough. Remaining optimistic, he relied on his exceptional wisdom to find a breakthrough, establishing a formal factory and an independent brand, successfully breaking through. Subsequently, Peng Jinxi and his wife led "Xingcheng Swimwear" to ride the waves, becoming the world's largest swimwear production base, with one out of every four swimsuits globally being produced by the people of Xingcheng.

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon


Romance in the Alley

  • Director: Zhang Kaizhou
  • Starring: Yan Ni, Li Guangjie, Guo Xiaodong, Jiang Xin, Fan Chengcheng

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Plot Summary of Romance in the Alley

In the late 1970s, in a small alley in the family housing area of Suzhou Cotton Mill, two families, the Zhuangs and Lins, lived. As the college entrance examination was being restored, Zhuang Chaoying, a teacher, and his wife Huang Ling considered their children's exams as a top priority for the family. Influenced by them, their neighbors Lin Wufeng and Song Ying also began to pay attention to their son's studies. The Zhuang family seemed harmonious and respectable, with their hardworking son Zhuang Tunan and obedient daughter Zhuang Xiaoting. However, Zhuang Chaoying's weakness and blind filial piety caused great harm to his family. Next door, the Lin family appeared carefree, with their mischievous son Lin Dongzhe, but in reality, the couple supported each other and there was mutual respect between parents and children, making their family lively and fulfilling.

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Adapting to the changing times, Lin Wufeng and Song Ying moved their family to Guangzhou in search of new opportunities. After the childhood friends Zhuang Xiaoting and Lin Dongzhe were separated, they discovered their feelings for each other. They made a pact to attend the same university, and despite facing obstacles from family and reality upon graduation, they firmly chose each other. After many years of ups and downs, Zhuang Tunan and Li Jia also finally became a couple.


Liu Zi Mei

  • Director: Lou Jian
  • Starring: Mei Ting, Lu Yi, Wu Junmei, Xi Meijuan, Liu Jun

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Plot Summary Liu Zi Mei

After the founding of New China, He Changsheng, to support socialist construction, moved with his family from Jiangdu, Yangzhou to Huainan, Anhui, settling by the Huai River. Over the next twenty years, He Changsheng had six daughters, but bid farewell to the world in a car accident. The eldest daughter, He Jiali, along with her grandmother He Wenshi and mother Liu Meixin, took on the heavy burden of the family, settling her younger sisters to start their own families and careers.

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

As the era changed, Liu Zi Mei of the He family also experienced the ups and downs of fate in love, work, and life. However, they remained united, facing life's challenges together. Through the trials of life, Liu Zi Mei finally understood the significance of "family" that their father had emphasized repeatedly before his passing.


Zu Ji

  • Director: Zhang Silin
  • Starring: Lin Gengxin, Liu Yijun

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Plot Summary of Zu Ji

In a Western-style mansion in the Shanghai French Concession in the last century, initially lived a family surnamed Lin. In the early 1930s, the Lin family declined, and the house was bought by someone with intentions, transformed into a maternity hospital where many stories unfolded. In the early 1950s, after the establishment of New China, this mansion became a factory workshop, bustling with workers and technicians. In the early 1990s, this old mansion was converted into a mixed-use commercial and residential space, witnessing new stories of the people coming and going.


Chang Feng Po Lang Zhong You Shi

  • Director: Meng Liang
  • Starring: Chen Yuqi, Liu Ruilin

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Plot Summary of Chang Feng Po Lang Zhong You Shi

An accident turned Xiao Wan, a high school student from a small fishing village, into an orphan, and failing the college entrance examination added to her woes. Faced with dire circumstances, the stubborn Xiao Wan, carrying her father's words "girls can also brave the wind and waves," left the island homeland where girls were not allowed on boats to venture out into the world. In the 1990s during the wave of reform and opening up, Xiao Wan, armed with her mother's teachings and her father's beliefs, embarked on the path of starting from scratch.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Xiao Wan encountered various challenges, but with the support of the belief that girls can also brave the wind and waves, she persevered and grew from a factory worker to a female entrepreneur, establishing her own clothing company. During her entrepreneurial journey, her fellow villager Qian Dalin stood by her side, and eventually, the two tied the knot.


Created in China

  • Director: Li Xue
  • Starring: Zhang Xincheng, Song Zu'er, Wang Yanlin, Ren Chengwei, Zhang Yue

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Plot Summary of Created in China

In the late 1990s, after studying in Germany, Liu Jun returned to his hometown Donghai. Embracing the development of the times, he aspired to transform his father's old mechanical manufacturing plant into a technologically advanced modern factory. Facing numerous challenges in technology, funding, and connections, private enterprises struggled at every step. However, his good friend Qian Hongming thrived in import-export trade and real estate, offering mutual help and reminders.

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Through his technical expertise, Liu Jun met Yang Xun, leading to both collaboration and conflict, but fortunately, the local Donghai Group leader Song Yunfei favored him and provided strong support for the development of Tengfei Factory. Liu Jun grounded himself, adapting to and integrating into the domestic environment, exploring management strategies, and breaking through technological barriers. With solid technical skills and idealistic determination, he navigated through survival challenges, achieving multiple transformations and upgrades for Tengfei Factory. Liu Jun realized his own value, while Tengfei Factory bravely led the way in the torrent of China's manufacturing industry, securing a place of prominence.

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon


In the Name of the Brother

  • Director: Zhang Li
  • Starring: Qin Hao, Yang Mi, Zhang Zixian, Luan Yuanhui, Wang Herun

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Plot Summary of In the Name of the Brother

Set in the era of the pseudo-Manchukuo regime on the eve of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the story revolves around Communist intelligence officer Song Zhuowen infiltrating the Harbin Police Department's Special Service Division. Misidentified by the division chief Guan Xue as her savior, despite Guan Xue's cold-blooded and suspicious nature, Song Zhuowen painstakingly gains the trust of Guan Xue and high-ranking Japanese officials, embarking on a journey to eliminate obstacles for the final victory of the war.

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon


Raiders of the New Way

  • Director: Liu Miaomiao
  • Starring: Zhang Wen, Yan Ni, He Minghan, Yang Shutong, Liu Liwei

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Plot Summary of Raiders of the New Way

In the early years of the Republic of China, a small thief named Nalan, while swindling a destitute prince, accidentally uncovers clues to a mysterious missing treasure trove following the fire of Jianfu Palace in the Forbidden City. Unbeknownst to him, various factions such as the warlord Xiang Xixin, local faction leader Qiu Songyan, the progressive group "Patriotic Society," and even remnants of the feudal era have long set their sights on this rumored treasure. As different parties covertly confront each other, all prepare to seize the treasure. Nalan eventually secures the treasure map, smoothly navigating through the various forces with it but ultimately setting off a chain of events that threaten his life and love.

To save himself, Nalan, along with his partners Bao Yan, the destitute prince's elder brother, and You Chui, sets off to Jiangnan in search of the treasure. Nalan's childhood companions and his long-lost love, Han Zui, also follow along the way. A perilous adventure filled with love, conspiracy, desire, and betrayal unfolds. Through countless hardships and trials, Nalan and his companions cleverly navigate crises with intelligence and strength, ultimately discovering the treasure that captivates all sides. Nalan, resisting numerous temptations, finally safeguards the treasure intact.


Unshakable Faith

  • Director: Zeng Xiaoxin
  • Starring: Peng Xiaoran, Liu Xueyi, Jia Renzi, Li Xinze

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Plot Summary of Unshakable Faith

In 1958, the "Water Drop Project" on the theoretical foundation research of nuclear submarines was launched. This project immediately drew the attention of enemy agents, who countered with a sabotage plan under the code name "Rock Operation." Police officer Pang Hongmei was given the crucial task of protecting the "Water Drop Project." Amid the obstacles set up by American and Chiang Kai-shek's special agents, she successfully rescues the patriotic scientist Ji Danyang, who had returned from the United States, from enemy hands and escorts him to Lumen City to participate in the "Water Drop Project."

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

The enemy concentrated their hidden forces to disrupt the project. Pang Hongmei engages in a battle of wits and courage with the enemy in Lumen, thwarting their conspiracy, eliminating the remaining enemies, and ultimately succeeding in protecting the "Water Drop Project" as planned. Pang Hongmei and Ji Danyang, who have undergone life-and-death trials, also fulfill their dreams with unwavering revolutionary beliefs.



  • Directors: Yao Xiaofeng, Zhou Nan
  • Starring: Bai Lu, Ou Hao, Zhai Zilu, Gao Zhiteng, Li Wanduo

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

Plot Summary of Northwards

The story follows young individuals who grew up along the canal from the Flower Street to Beijing. After experiencing their youthful innocence and vitality, they embark on a challenging journey to the north for entrepreneurship. When success or failure becomes a thing of the past, they return to the Flower Street by the canal, seeking their true selves and the meaning of life.

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

As we eagerly await the premiere of these ten period cdramas, it is clear that the allure of historical storytelling remains as strong as ever. With their rich narratives, complex characters, and meticulously crafted settings, these shows are poised to captivate audiences around the globe. They not only offer a window into the past but also provide a mirror reflecting the perennial nature of human emotions and struggles. As these dramas unfold, they are sure to carve their own niche in the illustrious tapestry of period television, continuing the legacy of bringing history to life through the art of storytelling.

Top 10 Anticipated Period Cdramas on the Horizon

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