Story of Kunning Palace: Upcoming Palace Romance TV Show

The unique space of costume dramas in the Chinese drama market is indeed impressive, as proven by several recent hits. "The Ingenious One," starring Chen Xiao and Mao Xiaotong, has maintained a good level of popularity since its premiere, presenting an incredibly brilliant tactics drama.

"Till the End of the Moon," led by Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu, has achieved true success, constantly breaking viewership records. Although this drama has received mixed reviews, it does not affect the enthusiasm of its fans. With such outstanding viewership, the drama has successfully boosted the popularity of many actors, including the already popular Bai Lu, who has been the subject of continuous topics.

Story of Kunning Palace: Upcoming Palace Romance TV Show

Even though this drama has already ended, there are still lively discussions about its characters. In "Till the End of the Moon," Bai Lu portrays different characters with distinctive traits and highlights, she has shown progress and is suitable for the setting of costume dramas.

Now, Bai Lu will star in another costume drama that fans have been eagerly anticipating, "Story of Kunning Palace." As the countdown to its premiere continues, the drama's popularity continues to rise.


Romantic Love & Intense Palace Fights

The drama "Story of Kunning Palace," adapted from the novel 'Kun Ning' by Shi Jing, tells the story of the female lead, Jiang Xue Ning (played by Bai Lu), who goes through many trials and tribulations to become the Empress, only to experience strange events such as palace coups and being forced to commit suicide.

In the end, she changes the course of her life through her own strength and determination. While the drama is categorized as a historical romance, it also includes a lot of palace intrigue and political machinations, which to a certain extent enriches the plot and adds more interest.

Story of Kunning Palace: Upcoming Palace Romance TV Show

From the trailers released by the production team, it is clear that the quality of the production is guaranteed, with excellent visual effects that can rival those of a theatrical film. To present a more realistic setting, in addition to green screen shooting, the production team also built a shooting environment that conforms to the plot, which can be considered a grand production.

The costumes and makeup are also very elaborate, with both the main and supporting characters adorned with exquisite makeup and carefully designed costumes. Moreover, the makeup design is highly recognizable, accurately distinguishing the importance of each character through their appearance.

In a scene, the female protagonist Jiang Xue Ning, dressed in a red gown with exquisite golden embellishments, exudes elegance and grace with her dignified bearing. Her delicate makeup, with vermilion lips, adds to her elegance and highlights her status. As she walks slowly, time seems to stand still and the resulting image is indescribably beautiful. Considering the plot's development, one can feel the bitterness that Jiang Xue Ning has experienced in becoming the empress.

Story of Kunning Palace: Upcoming Palace Romance TV Show

Unfortunately, Jiang Xue Ning believed that becoming the empress would give her the power to balance everything, but she is faced with even more twists and turns as she navigates through the murky palace politics. When she meets her beloved mentor, Emperor Xie Wei, she becomes entangled in a deep and tragic love affair.

Bai Lu, who plays the role of Jiang Xue Ning, is well-suited to the character's external appearance and temperament, and her acting has greatly improved. Her every move and expression is full of charm and elegance. In addition, the male lead in this drama is also noteworthy. Zhang Ling He has a handsome appearance and a noble bearing that suits his character as the emperor's mentor. He skillfully portrays the character's subtle emotions, which is commendable.

Story of Kunning Palace: Upcoming Palace Romance TV Show


Strong Supporting Cast in Story of Kunning Palace

The pairing of Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe is one of the highlights of the drama, and their portrayal of a tragic love story rivals that of "Till the End of the Moon." This aspect of the drama is often the most touching and is a key feature. The supporting cast also brings surprises and amazing performances.

For example, Liu Min, who is known for her hosting skills, successfully made the transition to acting. In the recent popular drama "Till the End of the Moon," she played the role of Jing Lan An with vivid expression. Additionally, her portrayal of Li Yao in the sci-fi drama "Three-Body" left a deep impression on viewers. In "Story of Kunning Palace," she plays the role of Empress Xue. She is not only dignified and elegant, but also cunning and intelligent, making her a fascinating character in the palace drama and one to look forward to.

Story of Kunning Palace: Upcoming Palace Romance TV Show

Another formidable actress is Hong Kong film goddess Yvonne Yung, who is also a familiar face to the audience. In "Side Story of Fox Volant," she played the powerful and elegant Fu Jin, with a confident performance that was completely natural. In the new drama, she will plays Meng Shi, a gentle and kind-hearted character. Although there are not many scenes in the trailer, she accurately portrays the character's traits and exudes an extraordinary temperament in ancient costume.

Story of Kunning Palace: Upcoming Palace Romance TV Show

There is also the highly recognizable actress Lu Yan Bei, who played the role of Hui Niang in the previously popular drama "Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty." Her acting skills are stable and she can vividly bring the characters to life. She is also suitable for playing these ancient costume roles, such as Ru Yu in "My Sassy Princess," Qing Shu in "The Blue Whisper," and Jin Se Lady in "The Long Ballad." This time, Lu Yan Bei's portrayal of the royal Consort Qin in the new drama is highly anticipated.

Overall, "Story of Kunning Palace" is a drama that is very sincere in its casting. Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe as the male and female leads ensure the drama's popularity and viewership, while the several formidable actresses with their excellent acting skills add an extra layer of intrigue to the characters they portray. Are you looking forward to this drama?

Story of Kunning Palace: Upcoming Palace Romance TV Show

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