Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy

Get ready to fall in love with "Romance of a Twin Flower", the latest romantic comedy cdrama that is taking the entertainment industry by storm. This Chinese drama series is a perfect mix of heartwarming romance and hilarious comedy, making it a must-watch for anyone looking for a feel-good show. With its captivating storyline, characters, and breathtaking cinematography, "Romance of a Twin Flower" is sure to leave you smiling and swooning from start to finish."

Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy

"Romance of a Twin Flower" is a historical romantic comedy television series directed by Xie Ze and starring Ding Yuxi, Peng Xiaoran, Yi Dachuan, Mark Chao, He Changxi, and Jia Nai. The drama premiered on March 21st, 2023.

Based on the novel of the same name by Bai Lu Cheng Shuang, the series tells the story of Ji Man, a talented young woman with exceptional business skills who unexpectedly loses her memory. She takes the place of her twin sister Nie Sangyu in the Ning Mansion and uses her business acumen to resolve crises, while experiencing ups and downs with Ning Yuxuan and growing and finding happiness along the way.


Basic Information of Romance of a Twin Flower

  • Also known as: Chun Gui Meng Li Ren
  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy
  • Aired: March 21, 2023
  • Director: Xie Ze
  • Starring: Ding Yuxi, Peng Xiaoran
  • Episodes: 38/45 minutes

Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy


Plot Summary of Romance of a Twin Flower

Ji Man (played by Peng Xiaoran), who grew up in Haifang, was once carefree and lived a happy-go-lucky life. However, an accident occurred during a trip to capital city, and when she woke up, she had become the wife of Ning Yuxuan (played by Ding Yuxi), who was a young talent deeply favored by the emperor, and he had been secretly investigating the clues to his father's killer.

Mistaken for the cruel and jealous Nie Sangyu, Ji Man not only had to endure the humiliation of being divorced by Ning Yuxuan but also faced a danger to her life. In order to get out of this predicament, Ji Man turned things around by selling rouge "Shu Hen Gao" and even saved her husband in front of the imperial court.

Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy

When Ning Yuxuan discovered clues about his father's killer during a crackdown on the bandits, he was framed and thrown into prison before being exiled to Haifang. After arriving at Haifang, Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man successively defeated the two major villains who ruled the area. Under Ning Yuxuan's governance, Haifang underwent a transformation, and Ji Man also started a business with her friends, operating a water rouge shop named "Hao Xue Tang". Along the way, Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man fell deeply in love. Just when the two were about to get married, Ji Man's identity was suddenly revealed. Faced with their past, how would they choose?



Character Introduction of Romance of a Twin Flower

Ning Yuxuan

Actor Ding Yuxi plays Ning Yuxuan, the husband of Ji Man. Through a fortuitous incident, he and Ji Man fell in love, and as they spent more time together, their feelings for each other deepened. Together, they built a commercial empire, but were later framed and forced to flee. After seeking justice, they returned to the capital as an ordinary couple.

Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy

Ji Man/Nie Sangyu

Actor Peng Xiaoran plays Ji Man/Nie Sangyu. Nie Sangyu originally devoted herself to Ning Yuxuan, which appeared malicious to outsiders. However, after being deeply hurt by Ning Yuxuan, she fell off a cliff. By chance, Ji Man was rescued, who had been separated from Nie Sangyu since childhood and mistaken for her twin sister. Ji Man was determined to become a female merchant. Through a series of misunderstandings, she ended up marrying Ning Yuxuan, and eventually developed feelings for him as they spent time together.

Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy


Abundant humor & gripping suspense

Overall, the style of "Romance of a Twin Flower" leans toward comedy. The love development between the male and female protagonists is full of adorable and teasing scenes, while the process of falling in love is pure and beautiful, with a strong sense of immersion.

Both of them possess a strong sense of self and are driven by ambition. Ning Yuxuan is deeply committed to fighting bandits, and upholding justice with pure passion. Meanwhile, Ji Mantian has exceptional talent, and her kindness and charm make her an excellent rouge maker and business prodigy. They both excel in their respective fields and also support each other, forming an indispensable bond as lovers. Their love not only brings sweetness and excitement, but also a healing force that conveys the power of pursuing dreams while staying true to oneself.

Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy

The love game between Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man, the twists and turns of their fates, the changes in the court, and the martial arts world, all push the plot towards its climax. Moreover, this drama has a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique traits.

From emperors to ministers, from guards to maids, from the court to the martial arts world, various styles and interesting interactions are intertwined throughout, making it an all-round comedic experience for the audience. I believe this drama will definitely bring joy and excitement to the viewers, creating a wonderful time for everyone to enjoy during the spring season.

Different from the common style of historical dramas in the previous, "Romance of a Twin Flower" will tell the story of Ji Man's growth in a light-hearted and inspiring plot mode, and the integration of ancient commercial elements is one of the highlights of this drama.

Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy

On the day of its premiere, the crew released a group poster and an ultimate trailer. In the poster, Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man are wearing wedding dresses in the center of the picture, showing their joyful state on the way to happiness.

Behind them is a red carpet with all the characters appearing in the drama, all running in a similar motion, presenting an overall feeling of prosperity. This poster creates an atmosphere of joy and warmth, highlighting the sweet and lighthearted nature of the drama's romantic plot.

Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy

From the ultimate trailer, it is evident that the fate of Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man is full of twists and turns, unique, and imbued with a sense of destiny. Their personalities are diametrically opposed, with Ning being aloof and reserved. Nonetheless, their love story endures various challenges and obstacles, and Ji Man's identity will eventually be revealed. They are each other's "calamity," forced apart with an unbearable suspense. Love, hate, and the whims of fate make their romance unpredictable. What lies ahead for them? Witness this amusing yet profound misaligned union.

Romance of a Twin Flower: Delightful Blend of Romance and Comedy

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