Exploring Ancient Chinese History Through the Eyes of a College Student

China is a developed country with advanced technology but one that treasures and respects ancient traditions. As a college student, studying ancient Chinese history is fascinating. China is the world’s oldest country. Written records date back to 1250 BCE, and the first dynasty in China lasted over 3,500 years. Its long history is filled with all kinds of adventures, challenges and events the world can learn from.

Develop a solid grounding in historical research and study

Doing historical research will help you to broaden the way you think about historical events and what kind of influence they have on today’s world. You will probably start by learning more about the Paleolithic period in ancient China.

Modern humans probably appeared in China about 200,000 years ago. By 5000 BCE, there were village settlements in several regions with fortified walls built around them. It was between 2000 and 1600 BCE that the Bronze Age emerged out of the diverse Neolithic cultures.

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Study historical documents and archeological evidence

It was only with the Shang Dynasty that both historical documents and archeological evidence is available. During this dynasty, the king was the religious and political head. He ruled through alliances, and military campaigns would take him to outlying areas.

One of the reasons why studying this dynasty is important is because the writing system was the ancestor of the modern Chinese writing system. It uses characters or symbols for each word.

Exploring Ancient Chinese History Through the Eyes of a College Student

Learn about China’s Golden Age

It is fascinating to learn about China’s Golden Age during the Tang Dynasty. It was a time when the Chinese Empire was more cosmopolitan than ever before. Military conquests had pushed the boundaries of the empire. In this period, China enjoyed economic, political and social stability. The arts and literature flourished at this time. Exposure to other cultures via the Silk Road and trade routes had an influence on cuisine, fashion, entertainment, etc.

The importance of a global perspective

When studying the history of ancient China, it is important to keep a global perspective. For example, there are many ideas that came out of ancient China that has had an influence globally. The ideas of Confucius, who lived from 551 BCE to 479 BCE, are known worldwide.

He believed in values like filial piety, integrity, humanity, and a sense of duty. His followers spread his ideas widely in the two centuries after his death. One of the concepts the world has embraced includes the doctrines of Taoism, where humans and the natural world live in harmony. The ideas of Yin and Yang are also well-known throughout the western world.

Exploring Ancient Chinese History Through the Eyes of a College Student

Study how political powers can rise and fall 

China has gone through many political, economic and social changes. You will study the rise and collapse of the Chinese dynasties. For example, in 221 BCE, the western frontier state of Qin subjected the last of its rivals, and the king took the title of First Emperor. Revolts broke out when he died, but after a short civil war, the Han Dynasty arose. Its collapse was followed by the rule of warlords for about four centuries. After this came a restoration of the empire between 589 and 1279 CE.

Understand China’s position in the world

China’s economy flourished in the Age of Exploration but declined in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the 21st century, it became the world’s second-largest economy. The country has had many tough challenges. You will learn more about the Tiananmen Square protests, the Nanjing Massacre, Mongol rivalry, foreign invasions and opium wars.

Despite this, it is one of the stronger nations in the world today. It was the first country to discover the compass, paper cutting and gunpowder. It was also the first country with high-speed railway trains and is famous today for its online shopping platforms.


Studying ancient Chinese history can give you a fascinating insight into its politics, culture and much more. Its centrality in today’s world makes it important to understand the history that shapes its current views and decisions.

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