3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume

It has been twenty years since the revival of hanfu. During this period, some people think that hanfu should be kept in formal wear and not be popularized to daily wear, as modern people already have convenient and customary clothes, so there is no need to change it; others think that daily hanfu costume is the direction and trend of the future development of hanfu.

But in fact, since the epidemic, the decrease in hanfu activities and hanfu stages has in fact pushed the development of daily hanfu costumes, and everyday style hanfu has started to become the new popular fashion. Hanfu Shi Dai has compiled a summary of three routes that have emerged for the current everydayization of hanfu.

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume


Style A

The first is to follow the traditional hanfu form and change the color scheme, fabric, and matching to create a more fashionable and everyday effect than the traditional classical style hanfu, which also includes some designs that mix and match different styles within the framework of the basic form.

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume  3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume  3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume


Style B

Style B mixes Hanfu with Western-style tailoring clothing. It is more common for a single item of hanfu, such as Ma Mian Qun or Ao coat, to be mixed and matched with modern clothing and accessories.

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume  3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume  3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume


Style C

Style C is based on retaining the cutting pattern of hanfu, and the clothing remains flat in structure, allowing for some degree of creative change on top of that. There are some views that regard this type of dress as Han Yuan Su (汉元素, han elements), but since it is still based on the flat structure of Hanfu, we can regard it as an innovative form that naturally develops under the modern hanfu system, in order to distinguish it from the han element dresses that use hanfu as a patchwork of elements under the Western style dress system.

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume

Han element clothing is not put in here because it is based on Western-style clothing with hanfu-related elements, which is closer to Western-style clothing than traditional Chinese clothing in terms of classification.

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume

There are pros and cons to each of the three styles, and the hanfu makers are constantly experimenting with which one is more acceptable to hanfu lovers. At the moment, it seems that most of the stores on the market with daily hanfu style as main product style are still based on the traditional hanfu form, but have made some adjustments in the details and decorative styles to better suit everyday wear.

There are fewer mix-and-match style hanfu providers, most of which rely on consumers to mix and match single products with their own closet of Western-style fashion, which is a test of aesthetics and matching skills, and also has more matching possibilities. And style C seems to be a relatively new concept, but there are already a lot of businesses in such attempts, such as "round neck robe trench coat", "Tieli dress" "cross-collar sweatshirt" and other styles are commonplace.

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume

The everydayization of hanfu is a necessary step in the hanfu revival. The so-called everyday development of course cannot be to force people to wear hanfu, but to provide a new type of dress for people's attire.

Hanfu is a system of Chinese dress, and cannot be only casual or only formal dresses style, it must cover a wide range. If hanfu were to remain only formal dress in modern society, it would no longer be a complete dress system and would lose its vitality and vigor of development.

As for the three styles of everyday hanfu, they are very different in the eyes of a few people, but for most consumers, they all have a common style, namely "daily hanfu style". There is no good or bad difference between the three styles, it just depends on which one is more capable of retaining consumers and bringing hanfu to a wider audience and market.

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume

3 Main Styles of Daily Hanfu Costume

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