Poses To Take Photo with Hanfu

Seeing many people posting beautiful photos and videos of them wearing hanfu on the Internet, you want to try it too, right?

Here are some poses you can try.


1. Dynamic photography

Poses To Take Photo with Hanfu

If you always sit in one place or stand still while taking pictures, your expressions and movements will easily become stiff, and the pictures you take will not look good.

At this time, dynamic photography methods had to be adopted, and photographers had to take pictures by rotating a semi-circle.

The dynamic photo method is not only rotating, but can also use a more daily walking photo method. Holding some flowers in one hand and a dress in the other, stepping on the grass path, lifting the eyes for a moment, freezing the beautiful moments and leaving behind precious memories.

Or choose to take a picture in the garden, stroking the leaves with your hands and twisting slightly to capture the side of the face, is also a good choice.


2. Using props for static photos

Poses To Take Photo with Hanfu

Usually I always feel a little monotonous when taking pictures, I don't know where to put my hands, and even the whole body and expression is unnatural?

At this time, you can use appropriate props, such as a parchment paper umbrella, a fan, a hood, or an old book.


3. Take photos without showing your face

Poses To Take Photo with Hanfu

People often take pictures of hanfu for memories. Maybe because they are in a hurry to try it and don't have time to apply makeup or don't want to show their faces.

Currently, you can choose to take pictures with a full-size mirror, and the phone closer to the mirror. You can do this by placing the camera in a position that blocks your face, so that you can take beautiful hanfu photos as a memory, and you don't have to worry about showing your face.


4. Using landscapes and architecture to set the mood

Poses To Take Photo with Hanfu

Hanfu is traditional Chinese clothing.

Taking pictures next to antique buildings can naturally reflect the image of a beautiful woman. You can take photos with the architecture of the roof, courtyard walls, and more.

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