Take Photos With Hanfu Easily At Home

Want to take photos with hanfu but don't know how? No need to go to the studio, you can also take photos with your hanfu at home.

How to take photos with hanfu at home?

1. Choose a background

Take Photos With Hanfu Easily At Home

Taking photos from home, the background should be as clean as possible. Such as walls, curtains, partitions, that is matching with your hanfu.

If your background at home doesn't support it, you can choose a white wall, and then use an app or web background remover, and replace it with an old-fashioned element background.

Of course, the images need further processing.

Another great backdrop for taking photos is the window sill/balcony, it would be even better if there was a floor-to-ceiling window.

Otherwise, prioritize a place with better sunlight, so that there is enough light to take pictures and a feeling of freshness.


2. Use existing tools

Take Photos With Hanfu Easily At Home

  • Flowers: Dried flowers, fake flowers, and fresh flowers at home can be used as photo props.
  • Greenery: Greenery should be common in everyone's home. It is better to use greenery with long branches and leaves, so that when part of the greenery is used as the foreground, it can enrich the layering of the image.
  • Ancient props: If you have old-fashioned props in your home, such as folding fans, circular fans, ornaments, they can be used.
  • Pets: Small animals such as kittens, hamsters and rabbits. Because they will be relatively easy to soothe, although sometimes it is more troublesome because their hair is falling out.
  • Chopsticks: Chopsticks can be used for emergencies and create simple and beautiful hairstyles.


3. Photo taking skills

Take Photos With Hanfu Easily At Home

Set the foreground: Use plants and other objects as the foreground, then blur it, which can block out some unwanted backgrounds, and can also create photos with the mood you want.

Shooting silhouettes: If you have a projector at home, you have a lot of backgrounds.

  • a. How to use: Project your favorite pattern on the wall, stand in front of the projector screen, let someone else help you shoot, and a large silhouette will be created.
  • b. It doesn't matter if you don't have a projector. You can find a white wall, turn on your phone's flash, and turn it sideways to let light hit the white wall. Ask someone else to take the photo, focus on the face, lower the exposure, and you're done!

Using a mesh or fabric of the appropriate color: Find a piece of mesh or fabric, support it as a backdrop, place a table lamp on the front side, and a silhouette on the back side to outline the silhouette, so that blurred light shines from the side, so photos can also be super pretty .


4. Hanfu photography lighting

Photographing with fur collars on down jackets: The recent popular method of taking photos with fur collars on down jackets also applies in hanfu. Find a fur collar as a support, and place it on a magazine-style background, which is very popular and perfect for the fashionable Hanfu style.

Mirrors: There are many ways to play a mirror, such as using the mirror's reflective surface to illuminate a piece. Preferably with a simple surrounding background, which can focus on the mirror.


5. Fix with app

Now, there are many applications that can help and make it easier for you to customize and edit photos. You can use the application that suits you.

Here are some applications that people often use: Snapseed, VSCO, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and others.

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