5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu

Quju is a type of hanfu that belongs to the Shenyi dress system and was common during the Qin and Han dynasties, with characteristics such as "overlapping and hooked edges".

In ancient times, the more grand the occasion, the more gorgeous the overall look of the Quju was, giving it a sense of grace and elegance. There is a wide variety of accessories and items that can be matched with Quju, and different types of accessories can create different effects with Quju dress. Let's follow Hanfu Shidai (汉服世代) to learn more about it.


01 Dao Shan

Dao Shan (刀扇), also known as Bian Shan (便扇), Bian Mian (便面), is a kind of Chinese traditional fan, used to cover the face, shaped like a door.

5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu

Book of Han - Zhang Chang's Tale has recorded: "自以便面拊马 (patting a horse with a Bian Mian by himself)". Yan Shigu, the historian of the Tang Dynasty, also explained the function of the Bian Mian in his commentary on the Book of Han: “便面,所以障面,盖扇之类也。不欲见人,以此自障面,则得其便,故曰便面,亦曰屏面。”

We can learn that the "Bian Mian" can be classified as a fan, but its focus is different, the main function of is not to fan the wind and cool, but to cover the face, to get some convenience. If in ancient times, when you are walking in the street, you see a person you do not want to see from afar, you can use the "Bian Mian" to cover your face to eliminate the embarrassment of meeting.

5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu


02 Zuo Ju

Zuo Ju (坐具, sitting furniture) is a generic term for chairs and stools in ancient China. The Western Han Dynasty black lacquer sitting set, now collected at the Changsha Bamboo Slips Museum, has a black lacquer surface and wooden tires, thicker in the middle and gradually thinner as it extends outward.

5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu 5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu

The sitting posture closer to the Han Dynasty reference: knees together, hips sitting on the heels, back of the feet on the ground, hands on the knees, eyes forward.


03 Chalcedony Hairpin

Chalcedony is translucent, cool in the hand, and rich in elegance, so it was loved by the literati, particularly accentuates the wearer's exquisite.

5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu 5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu


04 Paper Umbrella

Paper umbrellas can best bring out the classical atmosphere, the ancient literati used to love inscriptions on the paper umbrella. A paper umbrella can make you feel like you are in a small town in the Jiangnan, strolling between the pavilions and pavilions in the rain and smoke. (The hanfu in the picture on the right is Zhiju)

5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu 5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu


05 Jin Bu

With colored thread, different shapes of jade pendant strung into a string, tied around the waist, can be used to hold down the hem, but also in walking is a loud sound. The sound is rhythmic and appropriate, and highlights the importance that the ancients attached to their image and manners.

5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu 5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu


5 Best Accessories to Match with Quju Hanfu

Hanfu in each period has different characteristics, according to these characteristics with different accessories, not only can better set off the beauty of the clothing, but also can make the overall dress more rhythmical. What is your favorite in the Hanfu match?

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