Common Measurements of Hanfu - Wear Guide

Hey everyone! So there were a couple people in my hanfu server asking about what different kinds of measurements of hanfu were. I answered and did a little compilation of the most basic measurements that you'll see on most sizing charts, if you're choosing a size and buying from a vendor, as well as some that are often used to create patterns and the like. Hope that it's a helpful reference! I've included both traditional and simplified characters in this for better reading and some of my own notes as helpful explanations, let me know if there's any questions you need answered.


Body Measurements

Common Measurements of Hanfu - Wear Guide

Let’s start with the basic measurements of your own body.

身高 - Height. Usually in centimeters, if you don’t understand any of the other measurements, this is the one you want to go by.

體重/体重 - weight. often comes up in either kg or lbs, and it’s pretty easy to figure out which one through common sense. I would recommend that you don’t trust this one too much though since everyone is like… a different density.

三圍/三围 - three rounds, the standard starting point for more detailed measurements. These include the three below:

胸圍/胸围 - the bust. Measure around the widest point of your bust all the way around your body, making sure you’ll be able to breathe normally. Keep in mind that if you see this on a sizing chart alone, it's likely referring to the circumference of the piece of clothing itself, so be sure to buy a few centimeters up from your actual measurements or it'll be too tight. If it's accompanied by 適合/适合 then you can match it directly to your own measurements.

腰圍/腰围 - the waist. Same as above but at the thinnest point of your torso usually near your belly button. Hanfu is typically high waisted as well so keep that in mind.

臀圍/臀围 - the hips. Measure around your body at the widest part of your hips near where your hip bone is. Same notes as above. If you know you have wider hips feel free to estimate a little higher, but sinc hanfu typically doesn't really conform to your body at the hips it shouldn't make a big difference.


Clothing Measurements

Common Measurements of Hanfu - Wear Guide

Now let’s get to some of the clothing specific measurements. Some will be pretty standard, some will be more specific to hanfu.

Top or Fullbody Robes

衣長/衣长 - the length of the piece of clothing. If it’s a top it’ll be from the neck to the bottom hem, same with a robe or full body piece. You typically won't see this for skirts (see 裙頭/裙头 below). Keep in mind that when it goes on your body it's going to drape over your shoulder so the actual length on you is going to be very slightly less.

通袖 - the armspan of a top or robe with sleeves. Measured on a piece of clothing laid flat from the edge of one sleeve to the other. Typically this should be a couple centimeters more than your own fingertip-to-fingertip measurement.

袖口/袖寬/袖宽 - the width of the sleeve opening. Depending on what sleeve shape you have the standard for this will be different. If you see the words 一圈 it means that this is the measurement of the circumference of the sleeve opening all the way around (so twice the usual measurement), if not then it’s most likely laid flat from top to bottom.

袖根 - the width of the point where the sleeve attaches to the body. Same applies with the 一圈 above. this isn’t always specified, but it’s important on patterns because hanfu is constructed with a very clear sleeve section and a body + shoulder section, and this is the width of the place where the two pieces of fabric connect.

領寬/领宽 - the width of the neck. Typically 4-8cm depending on what style it is, it’s the gap at the  back of the top where the two sides of the top go flat before they fold down to form the front of the top.

Skirts or Pants

(For all of these just switch out 裙 with 褲/裤 to switch between skirt and pants)

裙長/裙长 - the length of a skirt, waist to hem. Sometimes 包含裙頭/包含裙头 or 不包含裙頭/不包含裙头 will be specified, meaning respectively that the length is including/not including the width of the skirt head or waistband. If it’s not specified it’s usually including the width of the skirt head.

裙頭/裙头 - this might be accompanied by 寬度/宽度 or not, it means the width of the skirt head/waistband. This usually lands around 6-8cm.

裙頭長/裙寬/裙头长/裙宽 - this is the total width of the skirt. It’s typically made to be 1.5x the length of the ideal waist measurement, which gives the waist a LOT of wiggle room (if there’s a hole for the waist tie to go through it’ll be at 1x the waist measurement). If your waist measurement is at least like 10cm less than this you’ll be fine.



Lastly, a little breakdown of individual characters for y’all who wanna figure things out yourselves because sometimes merchants come up with the weirdest shit ever:

-  clothing (usually top or robe)

- skirt (often typoed into 群)

裙頭/裙头 - skirt head/waistband

領/领 - neck/collar

褲/裤 - pant

- sleeve

圍/围 - circumference

寬/宽 - width

長/长 - length

 - circle (all the way around)

- body

適合/适合 - appropriate for/fits (followed by a body measurement)


Hope this is helpful!

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    for taller people esp, there is a bit of a skirt length problem. But i've made my own before and I sew in general so... I want to add: pay attention to and measure the length of your waist-ankle vs waist-floor (and chest for chest-high skirts). Due to the slight variation in length you want to make sure that the length of the skirt is roughly between those two measurements. (too long, and ur gonna trip, too short and well...) - to give a better perspective I'm roughly 174cm/5'8.5" and my waist to ankle is about 104cm/41", so I aim for things about 105cm (to floor is roughly 109cm/43 & i've usually been safe with 105 but it is a bit short! (110cm is best! but not always available) Please note I usually wear about 1-1 1/2" heels with my outfit so the extra length is helpful for me personally too!

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