2 Tips for Ironing Hanfu


Tips for Ironing Hanfu Tops

Silk, Cotton and linen

Since this type of fabric is a non-chemical synthetic natural material, it requires a higher requirement for ironing.


For hanfu made of silk, it is relatively less wrinkle-resistant and therefore needs to be ironed to be straight and beautiful.

To keep clothes in a semi-dry state when ironing (or use a spray can to wet clothes evenly before ironing), set to low-temperature ironing (or "silk" file) ironing is best to choose a flat, wide place for the ironing table. Before ironing, lay a layer of white cotton linen for the bottom.

2 Tips for Ironing Hanfu

If you are using a hanging ironing machine, it is best to use a wooden hanger, in the process of ironing do not over-pull the sleeves, just gently lift, so as not to cause clothing deformation. So the best conditions to use the ironing board, more convenient ironing underarm, collar, and other details.

Cotton and linen

Clothes made of cotton and linen are more resistant to high temperatures compared to silk and chemical fibers. However, when ironing it is best to iron the inside first to avoid the color spreading. When ironing the outside, pad the fabric with white cotton ironing to prevent damage to the clothing from friction.

If the iron does not have a cotton and linen file, then low-temperature ironing is available.

2 Tips for Ironing Hanfu

Chemical fiber material

Chemical fiber fabrics are the best to iron because they are not easily wrinkled and in fact usually do not need to be taken care of. If it does need to be ironed, use a traditional household iron set to low temperature (or chemical fiber).

2 Tips for Ironing Hanfu

Tweed material (winter hanfu)

Tweed fabric is not recommended to be ironed at high temperatures and is also not easily creased. If you need to iron the clothes, you can lay a towel on the clothes and use low-temperature ironing. Iron in the same direction and do not iron the same position for a long time. Steam iron is required on the clothes and pad a white pad cloth or towel, not directly on the clothing ironing operation.

2 Tips for Ironing Hanfu



Tips for Ironing hanfu skirts

Multi-pleated skirt

There are many skirts with a lot of pleats in the lower skirt of hanfu: like the Mamian Qun (马面裙), the Baidie Qun (百迭裙), the Baizhe Qun (百褶裙), and so on. There are not only precautions to take when ironing these, but also enough patience.

2 Tips for Ironing Hanfu

When ironing, use pins to fix the position on the ironing board before ironing, and take the principle of low temperature ironing so that the temperature is not too high due to factors such as unstable voltage.

In addition, in the usual storage, use hangers with wooden clips, clip at the head of the skirt to hang, can prevent loose pleats deformation.

Regular models skirt

Compared to the multi-pleated skirts, regular models are much less time-consuming. Except for the silk material, which needs special attention, other ironing methods are the same as for the tops.

2 Tips for Ironing Hanfu


All in all, whether you choose a steam iron or a regular iron, it is best to try the temperature on a prepared cloth before you start ironing so that you can avoid unnecessary mistakes. With these tips in hand, you can go out in a neat and tidy hanfu!

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