How to Make a Hanfu (3) - DIY Hanfu Vest

Made this vest from the last of white striped chiffon.

I am not patient enough to be a tutorial contributor. I like experimenting on sewing projects. So, after several encouragements from friends on here, I share this with everyone.

Okay. I have made a hanfu outfit earlier and with some leftover material I decided to make this vest. Now, I have been unsure of myself. I worked with just a length of the material. So I modeled the pattern after a dui jin shan. Just without the sleeves.

How to Make a Hanfu (3) - DIY Hanfu Vest How to Make a Hanfu (3) - DIY Hanfu Vest

How to Make a Hanfu (3) - DIY Hanfu Vest

How to Make a Hanfu (3) - DIY Hanfu Vest

The result is two pieces after I cut the arm hole in. I then had to strew them lengthwise and mark out where to cut the inlet for the dui jin neck curve.

How to Make a Hanfu (3) - DIY Hanfu Vest

Then, I began to sew from the spine together first. I had to use the inverse seamline method, because of how chiffon is. Next, the seams for the sides. So there it is: a vest without the trims. 😀

The trims and hemming weren't as difficult as I thought, because everything was straight lines. I did have to manipulate the neckline a little to fit the trim band. I made the neck collar extra long to leave the ends as hanging ties for decorative purpose. It is summer. I want it to look loose and casual for comfort effect. I am not a designer. I just think it will feel nice to have a vest that kind of reminds the eyes of seeing a xia yi.

How to Make a Hanfu (3) - DIY Hanfu Vest

This vest might go well with a modified cheongsam or tie li with a wide belt. Wuxia ensemble, maybe. I don't know. Tell me what you think? I mean, if I can make it. So can you. ✌️


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