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Recently, I cleaned up my closet and found that I bought a lot of hanfu, some of which I haven't worn for a long time, as time goes by, I've been in love with hanfu for some years now, so I'd like to take this opportunity to write about my story with hanfu.

I. First encounter

I can't remember when the word Hanfu entered my field of vision, but at that time I had heard a little bit about the "Hanfu revival", and I couldn't help but look at the pictures of beautiful hanfu girls on the internet, but I wasn't a fan yet.

Around 2011, I started to notice some girls wearing hanfu in school, and I knew there was a hanfu association, but I was too busy with my studies to care about anything else. 2012 was the year of graduation, and it was popular to take traditional-style graduation photos, and hanfu graduation photos became popular on a small scale. But I didn't have a hanfu yet.

My Story with Hanfu: Hanfu Makes Me Beautiful - Xiayang

Later, I met a schoolmate, and I found out that she was a Hanfu Tongpao (同袍), and she had given a lecture in the hanfu association to introduce hanfu to everyone. She enthusiastically popularized the knowledge of hanfu to me and sent me the PPT she made, so that I could understand the basic knowledge of hanfu systematically.

During my graduate studies, I enjoyed traveling and photography, and visited many scenic spots and places of interest during my studies. in April 2014, my schoolmate and I traveled together, and she brought a few sets of hanfu and gave me a set to try on. It was the first time I wore hanfu, and I realized how beautiful it could be. That's how the seed of hanfu was planted. Maybe everyone who likes hanfu has some opportunity to open themselves up to this new world.

II. My first hanfu

After that, I thought about when I would buy myself a set of hanfu. So I started to search about hanfu merchants. At that time, there were not many hanfu stores, and many hanfu stores were tailor-made, and some of the better hanfu stores, such as Xianni Xiaozhu, Chonghui Hantang, but when I looked at the price, it was beyond my budget. In the end, I bought my first set of hanfu, a Qixiong Ruqun with a printed skirt, which I liked at that time, and the work period was not long, so I soon received it. When I first got it, I was quite excited, the skirt was much heavier than I thought and very substantial. The fabric is chiffon, slippery and skin-friendly.

My Story with Hanfu: Hanfu Makes Me Beautiful - Xiayang

Later, I wore it out and became the center of attention when I walked around. However, I didn't know how to do hanfu hair and makeup well, but I still enjoyed it.

Then I started to look for hanfu groups and hanfu tailors. For my second set of hanfu, I found a piece of printed cloth at the fabric market and got a seamstress to help me make a Qiyao Ruqun. I also bought a finished Beizi. Then I wore it and felt a bit fancy, and then I rarely wore it anymore.

I don't know what your first hanfu was? I think a lot of people who just came into contact with hanfu were attracted to the Qixiong Ruqun, with its big hemline, which was especially nice to turn around and photogenic, but most of the girls ended up becoming "Ming-style girl".

III. Love

In 2015, I started to work in a university and took on the task of teaching courses related to traditional Chinese culture, and the theoretical learning added more interest to Chinese costumes. So I started to add a Chinese costume fitting experience to my class, and many students, who were also wearing Chinese costumes for the first time, were busy taking selfies after putting them on. The international students were even more excited when they put it on. Later, when my colleagues saw me trying on Hanfu in public classes, they also came to me to borrow Hanfu.

My Story with Hanfu: Hanfu Makes Me Beautiful - Xiayang

In the years from 2015 to 2018, I bought cheaper hanfu, and I also bought a lot of easy-to-wear Han elements, basically all of which were in the form of floral jackets. Because I happened to be pregnant in 2017, I bought two sets of Wei Jin style that I couldn't wear, so I had to wear a modified version of the Qixiong Ruqun, which is not restricted to the waistline and is cooler to wear.

IV. The Future

In the fall of 2019, I am back to being a student, and I can finally achieve the freedom of dressing, but my income is also interrupted by this. But I also bought my daughter several sets of Han element clothes and two sets of hanfu. I bought a large size and haven't had the chance to wear parent-child clothes together yet, but it won't be long before my wish should come true!

With the goal of earning money to buy hanfu, accessories, and cosmetics, life will go on and I will still have to fight relentlessly. I have to say, hanfu really gave me a lot of motivation and courage. Hanfu has also made me more and more beautiful.

My Story with Hanfu: Hanfu Makes Me Beautiful - Xiayang

I think that every hanfu Tongpao has a wonderful relationship with hanfu. Hanfu makes us love our excellent traditional culture more, and love life more. We are happy to learn the history of Chinese costume development, share and introduce Chinese costumes and traditional Chinese costume culture to others.

We can walk on the street in Chinese hanfu costumes and smile confidently and tell others that this is hanfu, the culture we wear on our bodies.


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My Story with Hanfu: Hanfu Makes Me Beautiful - Xiayang
My Story with Hanfu: Hanfu Makes Me Beautiful - Xiayang

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