4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles

Since some time ago, Hanfu design has also gradually become templated, and most of the Hanfu we see now are classic color schemes coupled with the more common basic patterns in Hanfu, with less to give people a sense of surprise.

But not all Hanfu is like this, in this issue we have found 4 sets of rare colorways Hanfu styles, which we hope will bring you a new visual experience.


The first set is a round neck robe with a Mamian skirt, round neck robe using a relatively light orange, looks very fresh, giving a very gentle feeling, robe collar with pearls around, robe body with gradient color embroidery and gradient color print embellishment. Mamian skirt used beige, in the skirt head is also added pearls, skirt hem to add fallen flowers treasure bead embroidery, walking like walking on flowers like an elegant fairy. In addition, you can add Xiapei as an accessory. The overall shape can set off the wearer more temperament, the two colors are a more soft, strong sense of girlhood.

4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles 4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles


If you like a more atmospheric style of Hanfu, you can choose this set of yellow and green color scheme Hanfu. The two main colors in this Hanfu are very full and give a very strong visual impact. Although the two colors are quite different, they do not look out of place together, but give a fresh and energetic visual effect.

The outer layer of the set of yellow Daxiushan (大袖衫) is embroidered plus printed design, the print can make the Daxiushan look more gorgeous, while the print is to reduce the weight of the Daxiushan, so that it maintains a flowing style. The lower half of the dark green waist skirt because the fabric itself is relatively thin, so the pattern on the hem is delicate embroidery, the same pattern theme with the Daxiushan, are more fairy type, wear a very floating.

4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles 4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles


In fact, whether in Hanfu or in fashion, red and blue are very common color schemes, but in this set of Hanfu red and blue color scheme is worn with a different effect. The lower half waist skirt of this Jin-style Hanfu is a patchwork of red and indigo fabric, and the two colors are not abruptly matched together in style, and even carry a bit of antiquity.

The key to the whole Hanfu set is the upper Ru (襦), which is made in two layers: the inner layer is a thicker red Ru, and the outer layer is a very light cream-colored mesh Ru. The outer Ru has a very delicate embroidered pattern on the body, and the inner red jacket also looks a lot hazier under the envelope of the mesh jacket. It is because of this creamy white outer layer that makes this Hanfu style quite unique.

4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles 4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles


Ginger is a very warm color, and the fourth set of Hanfu is a ginger straight collar Dajin Ao (大襟袄) and beige pleated skirt paired together, warm ginger with a gentle beige color, warm with a sense of elegance.

Both of these are relatively basic styles in the Hanfu system, not particularly complicated and perfect for daily wear. If you think they are too simple, you can also pair them with a Ming Pifeng (披风) or Bijia (比甲), which not only enhances the gorgeousness of the look, but also gives the look an overall more layered feel.

4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles 4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles

4 Sets of Rare Colorways Hanfu Styles

Which set do you like more? What is your favorite color scheme for hanfu? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.

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