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Product Description

Post your favorite hanfu style, it may become next new products in Newhanfu Market!

  • Please post your favorite hanfu style in the comment section
  • Only picture is accepted
  • Please do not spam or repeated
14 Comment(s) A文章作者 M管理员
  1. 秋

    I’ve always want to give Ming dynasty hanfu a try.

  2. XiaoLingKai

    Hair crown/hair stuff

  3. XiaoLingKai

    Hanfu Shoes

  4. XiaoLingKai

    Something like these 😊 a set for each looks

  5. XiaoLingKai

    Hanfu Hair Wig pieces

  6. Carottie

    I would like square collar winter (half-sleeve) ao.

  7. XiaoLingKai

    I want this one that Lan Zhan is wearing! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Imah

      Kostum yang dipake lan zhan memang bagus bagus, Tapi kostum yang dipakai artis pasti sangat mahal harganya bukan sembarang kostum

  8. myingmei

    more yuanlingpao for sure!

  9. sskessa

    Need one of these!

    • XiaoLingKai

      I wanted this one as well ❤️❤️ I love the design and how it looks 🥰

    • myingmei

      the kind of hanfu that can make anyone look handsome - I think I like your choice more than I like my own 😊

  10. Imah

    Mungkinkah ini bisa dibeli dengan poin ?🤭

  11. Ling

    Post your favorite hanfu style in the comment

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