Will Chinese Hanfu be Popular in the World?

Will Chinese Hanfu Be Popular In The World?

How popular is Chinese Hanfu?

It is reported that the total market size of the Hanfu industry is estimated to reach 1.09 billion yuan.

Will Chinese Hanfu Be Popular In The World?
▲ on December 22, 2019, Hanfu lovers are performing dance.

Chinese Hanfu Trend

Even the foreign media have paid attention to Chinese Hanfu. According to CNN, Chinese Hanfu culture has become a new trend among Chinese young people. More and more young people put on Hanfu and go to the streets to show people Hanfu culture. AFP also said that in modern China, Hanfu fans are in all fields: from history fans to animation fans, to students and even young professionals.

According to Russia’s satellite news agency, Chinese Hanfu culture has spread to other countries for a long time. Mysterious patterns and silk have attracted people’s attention. Now, this culture has returned again. With the increase of cultural exchanges between China and the west, more Chinese art forms and traditional culture have gradually entered the international field of vision. Some elements of Hanfu have also sought after.

Will Chinese Hanfu Be Popular In The World?

Indeed, integrating Chinese elements into fashion is a common design method of international brands in recent years. According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, Chinese elements can be seen everywhere. In addition to the details of traditional Chinese costumes, Chinese art elements such as Peking Opera facial makeup, blue and white porcelain, embroidery, paper-cut, etc. also appear in different designs of international brands.

Will Chinese Hanfu Be Popular In The World?
▲On June 7, 2019, at the 12th “Chinese Bridge” world high school students’ Chinese competition held in Wellington, New Zealand, a contestant made a speech in a Chinese Hanfu.

However, it is worth noting that Hanfu has not been accepted in China in recent years, and even once was labeled as “strange clothes”. Many Hanfu fans only wear their clothes on special occasions, and only a few of the most determined supporters wear Hanfu almost every day, including at work.

The fate of Japanese kimono, another kind of orient clothing, seems to be better. Japan has very good protection for traditional clothing. When the festival comes, Japanese people will spontaneously put on kimonos and go to the streets. In addition, compared with Hanfu, kimono is more popular in the West. In the eyes of many designers, kimono is not only a symbol of Japan but also a symbol of orient clothing fashion, BBC said.

In contrast, Hanfu is still a new thing in the eyes of Westerners. Although it has great potential, there may be a long way to go before Hanfu fever really goes to the world.

Will Chinese Hanfu Be Popular In The World?


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