Where to Buy Hanfu Online – 2019

Chinese and Foreign Beautiful Hanfu Competition

Many new Hanfu fans have bought Hanfu online before, probably on Amazon, eBay, or other shopping websites. However, they are not very satisfied with the Hanfu that they purchased, not only high price low quality, but the style is mainly not good-looking. Most of them finally very disappointed, even give up the love of Hanfu.

Where can buy Hanfu with good quality and price become a big problem. Therefore, I compared a lot of Hanfu shopping online store, but they are not professional and have no brands. Their shop usually sells a lot of products that are not related to Hanfu.

When I want to give up, I finally met a very professional website focus on Hanfu, and it is called Newhanfu, a Hanfu Design Studio from China, founded in 1998.

Best Hanfu Buy Online Store 2019 – Newhanfu

The Newhanfu has more than 20 years of experience in Hanfu, and they have rarely participated in marketing activities online before so that it is difficult for you to find them. They design a wide range of Chinese Hanfu, including men’s Hanfu, modern Hanfu, as well as a variety of Hanfu accessories. And the most important thing is that their style is super nice, you can definitely find your favorite Hanfu.

1. Women’s Hanfu

Ruqun is the most common and popular style of women’s Chinese traditional clothing. The Ruqun generally has gorgeous embroidery, in ancient times, women’s embroidery skill level is the standard to test whether a woman is a qualified wife. So the ancient girls will learn embroidery from their mom when they are young.

They will buy silk and chiffon fabrics outside, cut and embroider at home by themselves, and feel happy to make clothes for husbands and children. Usually, a piece of Hanfu clothing takes a month to complete. If it is worn for important occasions, the production process will be more complicated, and the production time will be longer. It often requires the assistance of other women in the family to complete together.

Where to Buy Hanfu Online - 2019

2. Men’s Hanfu

Chinese Male’s clothes are usually thicker, and the style is relatively simple. Compared with women, men need to go out to work, and some are very rough labor. Therefore, men’s materials are more than ordinary clothing, and it is often using a lot of cotton and linen cloth. Of course, there are a few men’s Hanfu clothes that are also very thin, similar to the women’s Ruqun Hanfu.

Where to Buy Hanfu Online - 2019
Most of these people are poets and painters, or the young masters of rich people.

3. Modern Hanfu

Modern Hanfu is very fashionable, also called New Hanfu. It is a combination of traditional Chinese clothes and modern clothes. It retains both traditional Hanfu elements and modern design, classic and stylish. It can be worn as daily clothes, very casual and comfortable, and also very suitable for girls who want to have a try of Hanfu. Although a small number of people claim that they do not like Modern Hanfu because they think it is not a real Hanfu. In fact, the number of people wearing New Hanfu is much higher than that of traditional Hanfu, which proves that the New Hanfu clothes are trendy among most people.

Where to Buy Hanfu Online - 2019

4. Jewelry & Accessories

Hanfu has a wide variety of accessories, including hairpins jewelry, embroidered headbands, shoes, bracelets, wigs, and more. Hanfu accessories are very particular, and many Hanfu fans often make mistakes on this. Experienced Hanfu fans say that knowing how to wear Hanfu is just entering the gate of Hanfu. In order to truly understand the Hanfu culture, the makeup of Hanfu, hairstyles, and accessories are indispensable. Why the Hanfu clothes you wear are not such beautiful as other people’s Hanfu? If you also want to dress in Hanfu like a fairy, try to learn how to make up with a cute hairstyle and match the right accessories.

Where to Buy Hanfu Online - 2019

5. Costume Hanfu

What is the top Hanfu? The answer is costume one, which stands for the highest level of Hanfu. Own a unique costume Hanfu is the ultimate ideal for most Hanfu fans. At the same time, the price is very high and needs to wait for a very long production time. Book a set of worldwide limited Chinese Hanfu clothes, privately hand-customized, at least six months, or even more than one year. The top luxury quality, with the best materials, the most experienced tailors, 100% restore the pure traditional Hanfu, only for Hanfu enthusiasts.

Where to Buy Hanfu Online - 2019
Besides, the latest style Hanfu will be updated in New Arrivals every week, and you can also find the high quality with low price Hanfu in Today’s Deals.

Newhanfu is not only a Hanfu store, but a Hanfu Wikipedia. In response to the difficulty of learning more about Hanfu, and directing newcomers to how to wear Hanfu and dress up-skill, Newhanfu built a Hanfu Academy to help all Hanfu fans with everything.


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