Top 10 Most Handsome Men In Hanfu


Confucius once said: “文质彬彬,然后君子”, meaning that a gentleman is who combines literary grace with simplicity. In ancient China, men should not only be dignified in appearance but also in temperament, and be modest and courteous in dealing with others.

Today, I have sorted out some handsome men’s hanfu to show you the charm of Chinese clothes.

(Reminder: There are many pictures. It is recommended to connect WiFi and check them.)

1. 宫寒  (Gong Han)

2. 黄靖翔 (Jingxiang Huang )

3. 小梦 (Xiao Meng)

4. 马崇道 (Chongdao Ma)

5. 星野 (Xing Ye)

6. 诺夏 (Nuo Xia)

7. Nameless

8. 南宫逸 (Nan GongYi)

9. Nameless

10. Nameless

11. 小冷 (Xiao Leng)

12. 玫柯9K (Mei Ke 9K)

13. 青暮从山 (Qing Mu Cong Shan)

14. 梵笙 (Fan Sheng)

15. 天宇 (Tian Yu)


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