The Best Hanfu in Summer–Half Arm

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm
In hot summer, light Hanfu become the first choice, and half-arm (Banbi, 半臂) is a good match single product.

Half-arm Origin

Half-arm is a kind of short-sleeved jacket in ancient China, was developed from the half sleeve of the Han and Wei Dynasties. The length of the half-arm reaches the waist, sleeves less than elbow length. Suitable for work, so it is popular among people.

Affected by Huhua, it became a modern dress for women in Sui and Tang Dynasties. Half-arm later appeared in a large number of murals, figurines, and other cultural relics in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm

Half-arm’s Style and Matching

Half-arm was very popular in the early Tang Dynasty, which was related to wearing a small sleeve jacket at that time. In the late Tang Dynasty after the flourishing Tang Dynasty, clothes gradually became fat, wearing large sleeve shirts outside, half-arm can no longer be worn outside, in this period, the scope of application of half-arm gradually narrowed. In Tang Dynasty, half-arms were mainly worn with long skirts, usually on coats.

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm

Half-arm has two styles, symmetrical collar, and pullover U-shaped low collar. Some have the same pattern as clothes. In the early Tang Dynasty, the half-arms were narrow and close to the body, and most of them had a low collar. At the end of Wu Zetian’s reign, the half-arm was changed to the symmetrical collar, and the clothes on both sides were tied together by a tie.

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm

By the Song Dynasty, half-arm was still a fashionable dress, but it was already a very common dress. It was no longer the exclusive dress of the upper aristocracy and could be worn by men, women, old and young.

Half-arm was still popular in the Yuan Dynasty, and most of them were decorated to become gorgeous and rich.

Half-arm in Modern Times

In daily wear, the half arm can also be well integrated into daily life. Let’s enjoy the beautiful half arm together.

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm
The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm


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