Lucky Hanfu Pack

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Product Description

Lucky Hanfu Pack

Tips: Please fill in your address and postcode completely, and note your gender and hanfu size (S/M/L/XL).

Using 8888 user points, redeem a random Lucky Package with Hanfu Costume Set inside.

Package Include

  • 1x hanfu set

Size Guide (S/M/L/XL)

  • Chest: 88/92/96/102CM
  • Waist: 84/88/92/96CM
  • Hip: 96/100/104/108CM
  • Height: 160/165/170/175CM
  • *Note: Unit CM, 1 inch = 2.54 cm; Hanfu clothes use a loose, adjustable design. If you are a first-time buyer, we recommend choosing the right size based on your Height (±5cm is fine) first, and then make sure that your Chest, Waist and Hip data does not exceed the Size Chart.


Lucky Packs Preview

Lucky Hanfu Pack Lucky Hanfu Pack Lucky Hanfu Pack Lucky Hanfu Pack Lucky Hanfu Pack Lucky Hanfu Pack Lucky Hanfu Pack Lucky Hanfu Pack Lucky Hanfu Pack


1. Can I choose a certain style or color?

No. Lucky Pack is similar to a lottery, and you just need to choose the size.

2. Can I apply for a refund if I don’t like the style opened in the Lucky Pack?

No. All Lucky Packs do not support refunds.

3. Do I need to pay for shipping?

Please check our Shipping Policy.

4. What is the estimated time of delivery?

Usually, the package will be delivered in 10-20 business days.

7 Comment(s) A文章作者 M管理员
  1. lynnnnn

    very cute! yellow top, green skirt, & cream robe with floral embroidery. Nice and flowy, perfect for summer (or hot weather in general hehe). Even came with some accessories 😊 so worth it!

    • Imah

      Boleh Lihat foto bajunya dong kakak🥳

  2. Xivvy

    Aaaah I WILL get this one day and when that day comes I’ll send a pic!!

    • ivoci

      Okayy, I'll waitt😎

    • Imah

      Oke saya tunggu, saya ingin membeli paket keberuntungan tapi masih ragu, karena biaya pajak dll dinegaraku cukup mahal, jadi sayang banget kalau dapat baju yang ga sesuai harapan. Beruntung sekali kalau dinegaranya ga ada biaya pajak

  3. Imah

    Sudah terjual 36, tapi baru 1 yang upload foto disini

  4. Sherrii

    Great dress! I like it very much.

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