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2019 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests

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Why We Do This?

Hi everyone,

Welcome to newhanfu.com, the Hanfu News Center.

“To help more people to understand Hanfu costume, Chinese traditional culture and feel the charm of China!” – this is our philosophy, we have been insisting for many years. And we are so glad that we are still here with all of you.

In order to give back to the readers for long-term support. Therefore, the lots of beautiful hanfu costume gifts we prepared are for those who love and promote Hanfu.

Starting from 2019, we have officially launched the Free Giveaways & Contests Activity, and it will be effective for a long time. We look forward to your participation, and get your first set of hanfu costume easily.

Let's Choose a Plan to Start

PLAN A: Write to Win – for Blogger (need a personal website)

Write an original article about hanfu or your story with hanfu.

  • The article’s topic is related to hanfu
  • Original, No Plagiarism
  • Over 800 words (in English)
  • Post on your blog website (e.g. www.yourblog.com), and add a link to newhanfu

Note: We’ll share your article, repost on newhanfu, and add a link to your blog website.

PLAN B: Share to Win – for Student

Share any one of newhanfu’s post you like to the official website of your school, and add a link to newhanfu.
  • The school’s website must with .edu domain (e.g. www.yourschool.edu)
  • Real student, so we’ll send confirmation email to your .edu email address (e.g. [email protected])

Example popular post: The Most Classic 5 Categories of Trditional Chinese Dress & Clothing

Note: Each month, only the first student to complete the sharing can get the gift if there are many students from the same school as you. You can apply again next month or contact us in advance.

PLAN C: Social Contests – @Instagram

Follow us @newhanfu on instagram, we will run a variety of free giveaways & contests from time to time, including:
  • Like to Win
  • Tag to Win
  • Share to Win
  • And More

Note: You can also send us DM to learn anything about hanfu on instagram.

Is There Any Other Way to Get a Hanfu?

Sure. If the above Three Plans don’t apply to you, Don’t Worry! Join our Affiliate Program, easy to earn your first hanfu! Learn More>>


1. What are the gifts?

You will get a random Lucky Package (value = $50~$200 USD) with Hanfu Costume Set inside.

Note: We’ll contact with you about your shipping address, wear size, prefer style & color. Besides, you just wait for the surprise to come to your door.

2. Do I have to pay any fees?

No, the gift is completely free and we’ll pay the shipping fee for you. Only a few countries may impose taxes on international packages, if that happened, unfortunately you have to pay the tax bill to customs in your area.

3. When I won, How to Contact?

If you have already completed a PLAN, please contact us:

  • PLAN A: please send a email to [email protected] with your website post link.
  • PLAN B: please send a email to [email protected] with the link you shared on the school’s website.
  • PLAN C: please send our instagram account @newhanfu a DM.

Note: We need some time to confirm the completion of the PLAN you provided and will reply to you as soon as possible within 48 hours.

4. How long will I receive the gift package?

Once we confirm that your PLAN is 100% completed. We’ll get in touch with you right away to confirm your shipping address and needed information. The package will be sent out within 15 days. And it usually takes another 15 days to get to your city and delivered.

5. How many times can I participate?

  • PLAN A and B, can only choose one to participate, and can only participate once.
  • PLAN C, unlimited times.

Note: If you want to keep writing for hanfu, please contact us. Or join our Affiliate Program.

6. Need some hanfu pictures?

We have prepared a lot of beautiful hanfu photos & libraries on Pinterest.

7. Need Help?

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.


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2019 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests