News | Experience of Traditional Chinese Clothing – Hanfu

News | Experience of Traditional Chinese Clothing - Hanfu

At the 16th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, the gathering of traditional Chinese clothing “Hanfu” becomes a beautiful scenery. CGTN reporter: Guo Meiping will take this opportunity to have the first experience of this gorgeous clothing. She also asked an industry expert: Huang Qiaoen – Founder of the Hanfu brand “Yuanshangiao” in advance to help her with the Hanfu experience at the”Chinese-style pavilion”.

Huang Qiaoen helped Guo choose the right Hanfu: “You are pretty tall, so a Hanfu in Ming Dynasty style probably suits you. Also, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, so the outfit I’m recommending, exudes elements of this holiday.”

News | Experience of Traditional Chinese Clothing - Hanfu

Guo asks: “What is the story behind the outfit I’m wearing?”
“The outfit you are wearing is called ‘Moon shining on the lake’. It’s specifically designed for the Mid-Autumn Festival. You can find a lot of autumn elements on it.” Huang starts to introduce this Ming-style Hanfu in detail. “The long gown you wear inside has a stand-up collar and surplice. The cloak is in the Ming Dynasty style and has a full moon at the back. There are also elements of chrysanthemum and Jade Rabbit, implying full happiness. We also added some cuter modern elements to the traditional patterns, making it more appealing to young women.”

News | Experience of Traditional Chinese Clothing - Hanfu

“The full name of Hanfu is the traditional clothing of ethnic Han, and its styles differ according to various Chinese dynasties. The one you are wearing is in the Ming Dynasty style, and what I’m wearing is a shawl collar dress of the Tang Dynasty.”

News | Experience of Traditional Chinese Clothing - Hanfu

Huang Qiaoen first knew about Hanfu when she was in college, and majored in costume design, and she wanted to make clothes herself. The Hanfu market was not as big as nowadays, she had some designs in her mind and wanted to wear them. So, Huang decided to make them herself. In the recent five years,Hanfu has developed rapidly. Six or seven years ago, people didn’t have the concept of Hanfu. they saw it as ancient clothes or stage costumes. But now, if you wear it on the street, people know this is Hanfu, our traditional clothing.

The Chinese-style pavilion made its debut last year, and soon became one of the most popular sections of the festival. Cao Zuhao, Exhibition Secretary of CICAF said: “The demonstration of this year’s Chinese style pavilion is traditional Chinese clothing. We also set up a stage in the pavilion. There are Hanfu catwalks and performances every day. In 2018, we found out that the Chinese style has become lifestyle apparel. So last year, we tried to set up a Chinese style pavilion, and had excellent results.”

News | Experience of Traditional Chinese Clothing - Hanfu

Huang Qiaoen also shares: “I think how Hanfu intoxicates me is the Han culture behind it. The traditional aesthetics affects me in the way I live and the way I think. With its growing popularity among youngsters, Hanfu will be promoted more and be normalized, and will be accepted like modern clothing.”

Guo Meiping: After today’s experience, I realized that Hanfu is more than just gorgeous clothing. It also provides a connection between us and the traditional Chinese culture.

News | Experience of Traditional Chinese Clothing - Hanfu

Specific CGTN interview content: “Vlog: My first experience of traditional Chinese clothing, Hanfu” can click the video to view.


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