Beauty Oriental Style Top – Fashion from Song Dynasty

Beauty Oriental Style Top - Fashion from Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty (960-1279) gave birth to the oriental style top that is very suitable for modern wear, and when you see the Song Dynasty Hanfu, you know that the ancients could be so fashionable.

Daily Oriental Style Top

Many people think of long dresses, wide sleeves, and loose robes when they talk about Chinese Hanfu clothing. It’s these stereotypes that make many people who want to try on Hanfu lose faith in the idea that they are all like this and not at all convenient to wear. In fact, the Hanfu also has daily form, such as the Song style Hanfu, which is not only good looking, but also suitable for daily wear.Beauty Oriental Style Top - Fashion from Song Dynasty

The Song dynasty is more repressed about human nature for ideological reasons, so both the literary and costume aspects are gradually becoming very simple and daily. Of course, this is just to say that it was the Song Dynasty clothes of the time, now we see the Song style Hanfu, although the form is correct, the fabric and pattern of the clothes have been improved, more in line with the modern people’s aesthetic.

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During the Song Dynasty, girls wore the most: airplane sleeve tops, two-piece skirt, and a Beizi (褙子). Many people may be curious about airplane sleeves, but the name is actually based on the shape of the clothes sleeve. The two-piece skirt is the most fashionable of all the styles of Hanfu, with both long and short skirts, and the shape of the skirt is also a more modern style.

Beauty Oriental Style Top - Fashion from Song Dynasty

In the picture above, the outfit is also paired with airplane sleeves and a two-piece skirt, but with the addition of an inner skirt, which looks more luxurious and more in line with the true Song Dynasty wear. Of course, it’s up to the wearer to decide what to wear. You can wear a two-piece skirt directly, or you can wear a skirt inside if you’re conservative.

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In addition to the two-piece skirt, in the Song dynasty, there was also a type of style called Ku (袴), or what we would call trousers, which was rare among all forms of Hanfu. Compared to a skirt, pants would be a little more convenient to wear. And all the Song pants we see now are modified to look good and beautiful.

Beauty Oriental Style Top - Fashion from Song Dynasty

In the picture above, the whole outfit is a fresh style. The white Beizi are paired with light blue Song pants, which look very gentle, and the inner one is a red Song Moxiong (抹胸).

Beauty Oriental Style Top - Fashion from Song Dynasty

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Song style Hanfu is not all daily fresh, some are more ornate, such as this set, although the matching clothes are some of the more common items in the Song style Hanfu, but in the matching color and embroidery are more complicated than the general style, naturally look more ornate.

Beauty Oriental Style Top - Fashion from Song Dynasty

The whole outfit is green, especially the outermost layer of the cloth is a darker green, which looks very vibrant. The inner blouse is light in color, but the embroidery on the cuffs is very exquisite and looks more expensive.

Among all the Song style Hanfu, the Beizi can be used not only with the two-piece skirt & airplane sleeves, but also directly with the pleated skirt and the Song Moxiong, so that it is like a suspender belt, long sun-shirt, and long skirt, it also looks very everyday. It will also look a little more ladylike because the skirt is longer.Beauty Oriental Style Top - Fashion from Song Dynasty

Summer is fast approaching, and the Song style Hanfu top & dress is perfect to wear in the summer. Not only do you get sun protection, but you also get to feel the fashion from cross-millennium.



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