Analysis of Common Hanfu’s Nouns

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Hanfu, the traditional national costume of the Chinese Huaxia people (Han). Mainly refers to the middle of the 17th century (the late Ming and early Qing dynasties), the Han nationality (and the ancestors of the Han nationality) are based on national culture. Formed a clothing system with national characteristics. Hanfu symbolizes the brilliant and splendid Chinese civilization and has profoundly affected the entire East Asian region. The national costumes of Japan and South Korea have evolved from Hanfu.

Analysis of Common Hanfu's NounsLifu (礼服li fú, formal clothing)

Lifu is a very important part of the hanfu system. The Lifu focuses on creating a solemn, orderly image, therefore, the Lifu of the past are relatively “conservative”. It is not susceptible to the influence of fashion, and its development is relatively stable. It is a classic hanfu. For modern times, Lifu are mainly used for important occasions such as sacrifices, marriages, and adult ceremonies. Wearing a Lifu should also pay attention to elegant manners, neat and tidy, and it is best to wear a set.

Analysis of Common Hanfu's NounsChangfu(常服, cháng fú, uniforms)

The importance of Changfu is lower than that Lifu. Therefore, the use of occasions and matching methods are not as strict as Lifu. But Changfu also needs to pay attention to the harmonious unity of the overall style, Changfu is mainly used for occasions such as celebrations, weddings, festivals, banquets, etc. Changfu has its formality, so there are certain restrictions on people’s behaviors.

Analysis of Common Hanfu's Nouns

Bianfu(便服biàn fú, casual clothes)

Bianfu usually has narrow robes that are comfortable and easy to move. It usually consists of Qun(裙), Ku(袴), Ru(襦), Shan(衫). The combination of Bianfu is more flexible and changeable, mainly for convenience. Bianfu is usually madFe from comfortable and simple fabrics, suitable for home, travel, traditional martial arts exercises, and other fields.

Analysis of Common Hanfu's Nouns


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