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About Ruqun, You Should Know These

About Ruqun you should know these

In the previous article, we introduced the Ruqun(襦裙), The Ruqun is composed of a short top and a long dress, that is, composed of a top and a lower dress.

Song Suzhen’s “Silkworm” poem: “I don’t worry about the bread bait, I have fortunately had a Ruqun(Ru dress).” The style of the Ruqun has appeared in the Warring States period. The collar of the scorpion is divided into “Jiaoling Ruqun” and “Zhiling Ruqun”. The waist of the dress is divided into”Zhongyao Ruqun”, “Gaoyao Ruqun” and “Qixiong Ruqun”.

Ruqun is classified according to whether they are clipped or not. The Ruqun can be divided into single Ruqun and double Ruqun, single Ruqun close to the shirt, and double Ruqun are close to coat.

About Ruqun, You Should Know These

Next to introduce is “Banbi (半臂, half arm)”, it and the shawl constitute an important part of the Ruqun.

“Banbi” classification:

1.according to the collar type, which can be divided into :
  • Duijin half-armed dress
  • Jiaoling half-armed dress
  • Tanling half-armed dress (Tang Dynasty).
It is a short-sleeved top for summer use in ancient China. It was only popular in the private sector and was convenient for the daily life and labor of the working people. The length of the clothes and the waist are not longer than the arm joints.
About Ruqun, You Should Know These

The Tanling(坦领, U collar) was a kind of half-breasted scorpion in the Tang Dynasty. The clothing was made of leno. At that time, people described it as “slow-shouldered skirt and half-covering the chest”, “sentimental shyness and snow hibiscus”, and “the scorpion The skin, etc. With a long dress, fully reflects the graceful appearance and natural beauty of the Tang Dynasty women.

2. according to the semi-arm wearing method, can be divided into:

  • inner half-arm dress.
  • outer half-arm dress.

About Ruqun, You Should Know These

3.the male half-arm and the female half-arm:

Half-arms can be worn by both men and women in the Tang Dynasty, and women’s half-arms are often worn with sashes and high-waisted dress. Men with half-arms can wear shirts, scorpions, and sweatshirts.

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